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What's the name of this pornstar?

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Thx Know-way

But of course :) just in case SellYourGF actresses usually / always have different names than in other episodes from other sites, whether issued on DVD movies. Currently I am doing myself has just base actresses from different angles (for existing episodes) and give me the most trouble was the episodes of this series :)
I myself will probably soon upload here are some questions to find common answers: D
Impressive research job, Beholdersix.

On the surface, without doing any serious beholding of my own, it seems the name the actress goes by is actually "Shirley"... based on the link below. Seems to me "Catherine" was the name of the character of this episode, based on links as this one: (Where the full-length video may also be attained, if of interest; I only checked the last option, which was dead.)
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