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Please where is the full video!!!

its appears as how to shut up women.
It's from Gag Factor series. Gag Factor 10, to be exact
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This scene actually has some notoriety behind it.

Hello, @McTesticles ... maybe you should put some name tags in your answer, as an "EDIT" (can't hurt to add the actress' name as well, if only as a service to this page's visitors); who knows, perhaps the lack of name tags () has prevented your wonderful answer from getting approved in all of this time.

I was surprised this was only about eight minutes long, for a porn that has gained a bit of fame... but that's what it was, apparently, according to the almost two-hour video in its entirety. (Below.) if "Gag Factor" was a web series, perhaps the original was uncut, but it looks like there was a lot of editing going on here, in the DVD version of Lizzy's scene.

It's from Gag Factor series. Gag Factor 10, to be exact
Slipong and Know-way confirms this as correct.
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