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What video is this from and what are their names?

What video is this from and what are their names?

I found this Gif a month ago on Namethatpornstar and it's been posted there about a dozen times. I know it originally came from 4Chan, but the source is gone. From what I can tell, it might be from Brazzers, given the camera work and the crappy acting.

Here's some keywords/description to help others find it:
Two white teen girls experiment lesbian undressing pulling off her panties shocked naked brunette bedroom.
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Genevieve or Bubbles

Her IG is Bubbles_abdl

More info. Here's a gif

The movie name is Naughty Bubbles from the site abdreams.com, and you have to be a member just to see any of them. And the other girl is Lolette
herkalurk confirms this as correct.
"Namethatpornstar"? Bite your tongue!

Their image search engine is so flawed, it can't even pick up their own images; just tried it with this one, where Anon_24MSZLnjzEy6U informed us the image has appeared multiple times. (Which is not an encouraging sign to get to the bottom of this particular mystery.)

You know, Anon_24MSZLnjzEy6U, while I don't always like Brazzers product for other reasons, can't say crappy camera work would be one of them; their production values are usually very professional. And I haven't noticed the performers' acting abilities to be below par than in other porn... particularly since the same performers appear in other porn. (Porn performers are famed for lousy acting, but most generally do a pretty good job.)

In this case, the brunette is "funny," because even though she is "shocked," she helpfully lifts each leg to help her victimizer pull off the panties.

When I first saw the brunette, I thought, Lexi Belle; could I have had something there?

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