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Name of that movie (i describe the movie, open pls

Name of that movie (i describe the movie, open pls

whats the name of a old porn movie, the guys use white masks, and is in a mansion, they flock with the boss (female) of the manison in the stairs to choose a girl to fuck in diferent places of the mansion. the first scence is one girl and two mans, the second is one girls and two mans too and is in a living room i think on the table.
guys have white masks, and girls with lingeries and masks too, the ultimate scence is in the bathtub with the boss (female) is a old movie,
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Ithink You are talking about Eyes wide shut a Tom Cruise Movie.
Can you see, at some part of the movie, an orgy?
I remember a similar movie with guys in masks and girls in lingerie and masks and they passed by a big place, like a living room of a mansion, where lots of people were having sex...
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