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Report a SOLVED question with the WRONG Answer HERE!

Report a SOLVED question with the WRONG Answer HERE!
Post links to a question that has been marked SOLVED, but the ANSWER is INCORRECT.

BEFORE submitting a post, please review thread rules. If your post does not meet the criteria, it will be ignored.


1> Please post LINKS to questions ONLY! Discussion about correctness of an answer should be done in that post, NOT on this thread unless there is more than one of the same question.

2> This thread is for questions that are already SOLVED! Please DO NOT submit questions that have been answered incorrectly but NOT yet marked correct. TIP: Just don't confirm the answer!

3> In the post in question, submit your reasons why the previously accepted answer is incorrect with supporting links in a COMMENT (DO NOT include it or any WRONG names in your new answer). It is best not to clutter up your new answer with arguments about a past incorrect answer. BE CLEAR and INCLUDE PROOF. DO NOT ASSUME a moderator will understand why the answer is wrong.

4> Submit the correct answer in the ANSWER section of the post in question. Be sure to include ample proof of your new answer so it can be easily confirmed.

5> LIMIT post to 5 questions UNLESS they involve the same answer. This makes moderating easier.

6> BEFORE submitting a post, please review thread rules! If your post does not meet the criteria outlined here, it will be ignored.

7> DO NOT REPOST questions. A moderator will get to your post. Reposting creates confusion. BE PATIENT.

7> REMOVE old posts. A moderator will NOT review future posts from a user until their old posts have been removed from the thread.


What does NOT qualify as a Wrong Answer?

1> An answer that is CORRECT but is NOT tagged or formatted correctly.

2> An answer that is CORRECT but NO proof was provided.

3> An answer where the video or supporting links have EXPIRED. It's only important that they were active when the answer was initially confirmed/accepted (nothing lasts forever).

4> An answer that has been ACCEPTED by the OP that does not have incorrect information but may not answer the question in full (i.e. OP asked for a name but accepted an answer that only provided the video).

5> An answer where the specific question is answered correctly but the rest of the answer may contain inaccuracies (i.e. name provided is correct, but supporting video does not include OP's image. This does not include answers with misspelled names of other pornstars).

TIP> When deciding if a question is wrong, ask yourself IS THE ANSWER FACTUALLY WRONG?


I've reported a Wrong Answer, now what?

1> Occasionally a moderator will work this thread and if your reported post meets the above criteria and the initial answer is indeed incorrect or partial, they will mark the initial answer PARTIAL or WRONG or NEEDS ADDITIONAL INFORMATION/PROOF and will return the question to an UNSOLVED status.

2> You will then need to work to get your new answer reviewed and confirmed by other NTP users just as if it was newly answered.

3> BE PATIENT. The more people follow the rules, the faster the moderator will get through the thread.


Thank you for reading and following the rules!

*Thread rules, criteria, etc. are subject to change by the moderators/staff as needed.
Updated 2023/11
Can YOU Name That Porn?
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This clip has been identified multiple times as Hei Mi/officialheimi but it is not.

Who is this asian sucking a BBC?
6 days ago
@ayara you got -2 because you weren't paying attention. I'll be honest, I get quite a few -2 like that because I have so many questions. Also, there isn't a specific alert that one of the questions YOU put up has a new reply, it's just a notification that one of the many questions you're following has a reply. I think in the last probably 30 questions I've asked I only actually personally accepted 20 of them. The other 10 were accepted due to auto mod.
I disagree with that.
The exact photoset or video is not necessary, I agree, but any photo from that set would be enough to be a proof.
I didn't accept that answer and -2 points.
Most of the time I'm trying to keep the database more accurate as possible but you know...whathever...
@ayara Your question asked specifically who is she, not to find the exact photoset or video. While the accepted answer doesn't have much evidence, it does have evidence and is correct.
I've seem so many obvious answers marked as incomplete/lacking information and in my case I asked for a proof.
Oh well whatever...
@ayara indexxx isn't just a profile link, and is a valid external site with plenty of images to show the performer. I'll admit the answer was lacking, but lack of information doesn't make the answer incorrect. Your added data only confirmed the accepted answer is correct, not a reason to rescind the points that were given out.
the answer was only a profile link and no proof showing that the girl in the picture was the same person.
I asked for a proof seven months ago and auto mod just mark it as correct.
How should I know that the answer was correct or not?
In my opinion the answer should be marked as incomplete not correct.
I want my 2 points back, too.
What's the name of this porn actor?
9 years ago

She is Karina Hart, not Katrina Hart. Katrina Hart is an alias for Katerina Hartlova.
Not Michelle Wild (OP accept wrong answer even if in video title claim that is Michelle Wild but this is not correct!)

She is Rumika Powers

Is there a complete video of this photo? Please!!
11 days ago
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