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What’s her name

What’s her name

Correct answer
Her name is Lana Rhoades.
bonnystarr and gricnime confirms this as correct.
Can YOU Name That Porn?
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Sry@Bruno512 , i wish it wasnt true. But the stupidity knows no bounds in these 2 girls. They had bodies most girls would kill for and yet that wasnt enough.

@gricnime I also share the same sentiment. The moment I discovered it, I was very sad, I hoped it was fake, but unfortunately it was not. I do not understand what makes a perfect woman do it, it was not necessary. EVA???? EVA LOVIA ???? Are you sure about this?
Unfortunately that is Lana.

From a perfect natural girl she went to this plastic freak in only few weeks. About the same time Eva Lovia did her tits as well. Two of my favorite girls gone plastic over night. I do not understand why would someone pay 10s of thousands of dollars just to look uglier, and these girls were beautiful. And it's not only her tits, she did something to her face as well. I am through with this girl, i cant fap to this much stupidity.
@phantomX Take a look at the last video she made for Girlsway to make you realize that difference:

At first I also thought that this image was fake, but it is not, even she spoke of the meaning of this new tattoo on Twitter.
chortlingmike confirms this as correct.
@phantomX It's Lana herself, she increased the size of her breasts and made this new tatoo in the thigh.
Or a front thigh tattoo
@Bruno512 I dont think so. I know Lana from miles away, she definitely doesnt have tits this size.
Her name is Lana Rhoades.
bonnystarr and gricnime confirms this as correct.
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