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Where can I find this video?

Can YOU Name That Porn?
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@Operator I must say that this is a suprise for me. Many users, including users who has high point using SURL links for reference. Some kind proof of their answer so if you decide to change this option then you should open a thread to inform everyone. This will be a big change on NTP.
@fenasikerim I don't agree. SURL links should not be used for reference in the first place, as posts get deleted.
@Operator The referring post is include source and the videos of model to 3rd party website. Requested video is very hard to find from several hours recorded chat sessions. It's like needle in a haystack. The OP must have the obligation to search video.

Don't you agree?
@fenasikerim There is no source reference provided. The SURL attached is UNANSWERED. Its is answering with unanswered answer. And the question is where is the video. So where is the video?

That is a very good example what not to confirm and such confirms should get negative results, in either points or similar.
@Operator Do you have another answer to this post?

In fact, she's online now :)

@gintars how is this correct, why are you confirming this?
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gintars confirms this as correct.
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