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What is her name?

What is her name?

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Can YOU Name That Porn?
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These kind of sites are really sketchy. I bet it's more likely that someone made up "Mandy" and found these pictures to attach. I could very well be wrong.

However, I think you still have a good find here. We get 2 other pictures that I've never seen attached to these photos, and a much higher rez of the clothes on first photo.

I noticed the first time I tried to find the source of this one that the style of the room looks very Russian, including the Tea Kettle on the counter is the exact same as the one in my rented room when I was in Russian.
If you check on the first picture, you can zoom in and see that the food package next to the Tea Kettle is in Russian.

The NiteFlirt Page claims "I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest". It's possible that she took these photos in Russia, then moved to the US or Canada and got a job in PhoneSex. Who knows.

I also noticed that on TinEye, the oldest instance of this photo is the "On/Off" is Feb 23, 2013. That makes this picture at least 5 years old. I'm not sure how that fits in with this NiteFlirt site.

I can't find any of the other photos anywhere to get a more complete set. Maybe someone else will.
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