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Lesbian CRIES After Sex Scene?! (READ)

Lesbian CRIES After Sex Scene?! (READ)

I saw this lesbian scene maybe 4-5 years ago, so I'll try to explain it the best I can. I think it was a scene from Evil Angel, or one of those other studios that like to interview the girls before the scene begins, because I remember them talking to one of the performers beforehand. She said that she had a boyfriend, but shared a deep connection with the girl she was about to perform the scene with. So they do the scene, and everything is fine. But at the end, they are laying on top of each other softly kissing and looking deeply into each other's eyes, and the girl who was interviewed earlier starts CRYING :O Not sad tears, but like "so in-love" tears, you know? I even teared up a bit watching it, but the reason why this scene has stayed with me so long is because, (and let's be honest here), porn is so effin fake. Very few performers allow themselves to get "real" once the cameras turn on, and give very fake, over-the-top performances. But this chick and her lover had a real, genuine moment together. I can't find this scene again for the love of me, so any ideas on what scene it might be?
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