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Watch/Discuss Dillion Harper's 1st Anal (Do YOU Agree?)

Watch/Discuss Dillion Harper's 1st Anal (Do YOU Agree?)

Are you familiar with Dillion Harper? Well of course you are, jerkass. You wouldn't be reading this right now if you weren't. lol So as you know, back in 2014, she did her very first anal scene. Now me being a pretty big fan of her since 2012, I couldn't wait to practically rip my cock off while watching it...but then I actually DID watch it, and ohhhh boy O_O It was apparent from even the minor anal fingering at the start that she simply was NOT into it, and things only got worse once the actual anal scene began. In short, the scene was disgusting to watch. CLEARLY she wasn't enjoying the anal, but did the asshole guy stop? NOPE. Did he lube her up a bit more? NOPE. Did he give her a vibrator to put on her clit to take her mind off the cock in her ass? HELL nope. He just kept on dicking without a care in this or any other world. And before anyone says I'm "White Knighting" for a chick I don't even know, let me be clear. I feel this way for purely SELFISH reasons. lol I want Dillion to become an ANAL SLUT, but because of this awful experience she had with this one ASSHOLE guy who wouldn't take into account that it was her FIRST FUCKING ANAL SCENE, I can almost GUARANTEE that Dillion won't EVER do another anal scene again. Mark my words. Hell, it's been over 2 YEARS since she's done that one, and I don't think she has even let a guy SNIFF her asscrack since. lol But hey, If she does do another anal scene, then be sure to return to this post to let me know, and I will GLADLY, HUMBLY, and GLEEFULLY apologize to you and everyone else on planet Earth, but I'm 99.9% sure she's fucking DONE with anal, and we have that jackass to thank for it. But what do you think? If you want to see the scene for yourself, then here's the link:
Can YOU Name That Porn?
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A year before she did her first anal, she gave an interview saying:

"I have to be specific on the anal thing because I don’t like anything going in but I don’t mind rimming and I like licking stuff."

In that scene, It most definitely showed that she doesn't like things going in her ass.
My first anal wasm't good... it hurted as hell and I wasn't prepared at all... I cried and criss crossed my legs. But I started over once more (not the same day of course) ... used a specifique lube for anal and done it more slowly and with of course lots of fairplay before ... so maybe she'll do it again but in a nubile movie(More softcore)
I don't think she will ever do anal again. smh
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