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Where can I find the full video? / Her name?

Where can I find the full video? / Her name?

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You have asked two questions; let me take a crack at the primary one, "Where can I find the full video?"

(Let me commend you, Anon_5bTSvUfCPURaU, for having the wisdom to put a picture up there as your main image, and to provide the video link as supplementary. Many would have lazily used the video as their main image, not taking into account that video links can get deleted... as has happened here.)

Based on the only references I could find on these direct download sites:

...The pirated version of this video that made the rounds is less than eight minutes, which almost certainly was the length of the now-gone streaming video you provided the link for. The logical conclusion to reach is that the full video was never made available "illegally"... therefore, I do not believe you will be able to find it.

(This is assuming there was a full video to begin with; I get the feeling what is going on came from a small outfit, and they often make videos with short durations. Maybe this is why the direct download pirates offered this eight minute video. Makes sense when you think about it, because usually what happens is that the full video is made available on direct download porn sites, and then the ones who upload to the tube sites usually are the ones that offer edited versions of them.)

As for the lady's name, if this video came from a small-time, bargain basement operator (look at the "set"), I fear she may be an obscure performer.

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