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What's the name of this pornstar?

Can YOU Name That Porn?
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i asked about male pornstar not female... (Anon_f3h9lwlixeuri})

The Question Read, "what Is The Name Of This," Underneath The Headline, "what's The Name Of This Pornstar?" ... I Don't See Any Distinction Made Between Whether The Actor Inquired About Is Male Or Female. So Let's Thank Good Old [warpig
for coming through again - as much as in this case, famed Sasha Gray would have been quickly recognizable, by many! (And I wish folks would not keep pointed to bad Wikipedia as an authoritative source - anyone can write anything there.)

"Meathole" (or, more correctly, ""Meatholes") is the name of the sadistic series, not the actor, but thanks to Anon_cetzhxqslzf7e for digging up a scene featuring the creepy actor - and thanks to [Anon_9beiq6ogvZkbI} for steering us down the more correct path, as to the Dirty one's name. Here's more on the man, now pushing into his sixties, but still not giving up on the opportunity to be with women he could never hope to be with in real life:

(And as much as porn is looked down upon by the general population, in fairness, what other industry would allow someone past fifty years of age to start a new career?)
Guy is Dirty harry or Uncle Harry.. he has fucked whose who of the porn industry..
The name of male actor, is Meathole

i asked about male pornstar not female...
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