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her name is Kaityln Ashley .. i need to find this scene or the name of this movie .. or any details .. please

her name is Kaityln Ashley .. i need to find this scene or the name of this movie .. or any details .. please

Please .. Help me .. in any details about this Scene ..
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The thing is, that how do you know for sure that its Kaitlyn Ashley?

By this point, I have checked out alot of movies. Alot of sites. I have done multiple custom scripts to help.

There is nothing that I could found.

I bet that the scene is from around 1996. Because Ashley, had similar hair style in 1996. And while they do different make-ups, then cutting hair in front, on a woman.. is a big deal.. There for it must be the same hair style, trough out ..like a next year. From the movies, I would guess its around 1996.
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Any details please ??????
Any more details please ?
the name of the guy is Vince Vouyer
i still don't know :( .. where i can find this video ..
Hello, Professional; I struck out by putting select frames through an image search. Good thing is, you know the actress (although... are you positive?), so that is a big lead. Problem is, Kaitlynn had her heyday in the last century, so finding current references to her output will not be as easy.

It's a long shot, but you may want to check for a match on the forum listed below that offers some of her movies. (I did so speedily, but did not go through the process of opening up every set of thumbnails. We are looking for an outdoors scene, and I thought a movie called "Carnal Country" might be it, But that was before I opened up the thumbs.):

Another time-consuming research you can perform is by scrutinizing her long list of movies. I'd advise you to select titles that sound as though they could be in the running. Fortunately, some reviews are offered that may contain descriptions that will aid in the hunt:

Hopefully, you will get one of the experts here to arrive at the bottom of this one.

Helpppppppppp ????????????
Helppp ???
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