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What's the name of this pornstar?

What's the name of this pornstar?

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You've provided something most valuable, Dunderton, and I thank you. Questions far and wide regarding this video with speculation that it may have been shot for promo purposes, and for the first time you presented actual "evidence" that there could be truth to the claim. Straight from the horse's mouth, in this case the horse being pretty filly Jamie Jackson herself.

I still don't understand what makes this not a video, however... since it's a sex scene shot on video. Even if its purpose was for an ad, there is a video behind it. What did the people who shot the ad do, use only a few seconds of the video featured on the Punish Tube ad? That doesn't make any sense.

And how do we explain the real scene dug up by PornoExpertGuy featuring Jamie in the same costume and location?

What's the name of this model?
3 years ago

Maybe the idea was a real video was shot, and somebody said, "Hey Jamie. Since we have you and the set and the camera, would you mind shooting a few minutes of intercourse that we can use for an ad? We'll pay you fifty dollars."

Too bad we can't expect the lady herself to provide greater details, even if she weren't limited to 140 characters allowed by Twitter... haha.
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