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Who's this model?

Who's this model?

We are sorry to inform you, that you lack the privileges to comment in solved posts.
Just keep being active in this community, and you will automatically get this privilege.

If you think this is not the correct answer, please flag it.
THANK YOU BrettVet for explaining it to me like a Human. I was confused. Fixed my 120 posts and went from level 3 to 14 in an hour! Looks like I'm on the Board with you Too! Think i'll stick around now.
Her name is Gemma
Her name is Gemma
@hlenhart - It is a formatting issue. You have to put brackets around the performer's name when answering.

Read here and it will show you how:

Hope that helps!
Did you Not See my answer from 12 Days ago ? why don't you just Confirm ????
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