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We are sorry, but everybody hates spammers..
@avgirl_co is also spamming and posting as Anon_3aJao0HV69kc and I agree with clueless_pornster it's getting pretty annoying.
Some person is spamming and answering his own posts as anon_62.e/KP1WCAlE. He used to be username bairo007 or something before his account got suspended. Is there any way for the admin to prevent him from posting further? He's spamming so much and it's getting quite annoying.
It's the same for everyone. Eventually your answers will get approved but sometimes weeks later and all at once.
I have a lot of unchecked scores,I answered a lot of questions but got only few corrected. Please correct this

@bairo007 is still spamming except now he's posting and answering his posts as Anon_62.e/KPIWCAIE
hsauce confirms this as correct.
@Operator , @Don

It looks like everytime @bairo007 posts something Anon_62.e/KPIWCAIE is right there to answer it.
hsauce confirms this as correct.
When can i change this option "Auto. follow post when commenting" I can click on it but nothing happens?


Go to your profile, then go to settings. Click Auto. follow post when commenting to turn it off. Then scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click save. However, there seems to be a glitch that every time you go to your settings, it restores itself to it's default settings, so you may have to re-click it every time you go to your settings. At least that's how it is for me. Not sure about anybody else.
@Anon_d9c.FFLwPMtPg & @Kekstan
There is a simple solution: follow the directions and post properly formatted answers. It's in the FAQ and in literally every answer text box on the site w/ an example.
I am not able to find the option to ask question. How do I ask question?
@Keksan I agree wholeheartedly with everything you say, I don't want you to get the idea that I don't. It is unfair for someone to post an answer they took a lot of time searching for only for someone else to come along and steal it from them. Its a nagging issue that's happened to me too many times to count and it seems to be happening more and more lately which can get pretty frustrating. Hopefully it's something that can and will be resolved soon, but for now the best advice I can give you is to repost your answer if you don't feel the original is up to par and maybe, and this is probably a long shot but it's worth a try, but maybe confront the person that stole your answer and let them know you got there first and already marked your territory.
@Keksan with low level users, I usually prefer to comment to get you to format correctly rather than just copying, but when you go to post ,there is a flashing label below the box telling you to read the help page on how to answer.

The correct formatting is pretty important, because that let's the database connect your answer up to other content for these pornstars and films.

It sucks that you lost some points, but don't let it get you down, there are plenty more where those came from, and you'll get to level 5 in no time, since now you know how to format your answers correctly.

Happy Hunting!
@Anon_d9c.FFLwPMtPg oh sorry! I thought that main idea of this site is to help people to find pornstar or video. Thats why i thought that "content is more important than form". By the way i cant correct form of my answer because i dont have enough rigths, only after 5 lvl! It's a vicious circle! Why cant moderator lead to the desired form my answer and marks "as correct"?
And this does not negate the fact that answers which was unsolved for 2-3 years after my solution was answered smbd else in the same time. I dont belive in coincidence.

in conclusion:
1. I agree that the form of the answer is incorrect
2. I cant fix it because i dont have enough lvl
3. My answers are correct in content
4. Dicklongwood just take my RIGHT ANSWERS and post the CORRECTLY FORM
5. I hope that the admin of this site will take my side. Because it's right and honest.
@Keksan first off registered users don't have the ability to mark their answers correct, only the moderators that run this site or the OP that posted the post can mark posts correctly, secondly looking at your answers you didn't have them formatted correctly and @dicklongwood did and that is why his answer was accepted.
I want to ask question about dicklongwood. He just stealing my answers and marked his answers as correct. I honestly find answers to hard questions and request to confirm it in "confirm thread" and i think he just saw it, copied my answer and marked his answer as correct. I have enough proofs! Just watch date of my answers and watch date of his answers.
For example:

What's the name of this porn star?
28 days ago
What's the name of this pornstar and where can I find this video?
29 days ago
Who is this model?
2 years ago

@Operator When can i change this option "Auto. follow post when commenting" I can click on it but nothing happens?

why can't I undo a downvote I miss pressed?
or how cancel it ?
@mentiraa I would say that it is exactly our job to use our judgement. If you don't feel they are giving enough info, or that they aren't giving adequate proof, then you shouldn't confirm.

Unfortunately, it probably doesn't matter as there are a lot of people who confirm everything for points with little need for proof.

oh well, have fun!
@Operator I have the same problem: I can't undo both downvotes and upvotes.

why can't I undo a downvote I miss pressed?
or how cancel it ?
boss should i confirm answers who uses other threads to answer?

this one for example:
Where can I find this video?
7 months ago

i dont like this kind of answer, is this valid? ty

id like to know about this kind of content too:
Whos the girlllll?
8 months ago

should i flag it?

Any reason why my correct answers were removed from these 2 posts?

What's the name of this porn actor?
1 year ago
Where can I find this video?
3 years ago

In the first one, an anon had answered correctly over a year ago, but didn't provide any source to confirm, which is probably why his answer sat there for that long without being confirmed by anyone else. So I provided the correct answer with a source to confirm, but when I returned back to the post days later, my answer was gone, and the anon's source-less answer was accepted as correct.

In the second post, (and this is the one that really confuses me), the OP asked for the video, and I provided him with the full video. But again when I returned to the post days later, my answer was just gone. What gives? Was this a glitch?

Not even Facebook has that kind of recognition software, so I doubt NTP could pull off something like that.
@dmac85 It would probably be easier for them to implement facial recognition to automatically identify the actors involved.

That's why the site is about crowd sourcing. It's easier for humans to do that kind of thing.
interesting. The link now has "untitled" in the URL, whereas it didn't before. It is working correctly for me now too.

I saw nothing wrong with it.
Seems like something is broken with this post/thread. It gives a totally blank screen, but the thumbnail to the page looks normal.
6 months ago
in some of your answers you didnt use tags, in others you didnt provide a source. thats why they did not get marked as correct. you should re-visit and edit them.
in general: sources are always appreciated
edit: in one of your posts you did not write the name of the pornstar correct
hello,i was wondering where can i read the rules ?
IC. Sorry it wasn't clear you were building one. The one that shows in the address bar isn't working? I just appended an image URL to it and it worked fine.


Looks cool but with my extension you can add custom search engines. In this case I could access namethatporn.com reverse search engine from any images on the web with just a right click.
The format of the url must finish with url=
Hello I need the url for the reverse image search engine
For example on Tineye
it is
For Google it is

But here I can't find the url, it is to use with a Chrome extension so I can access it with just a right click, thanks.
You only get the points if the answer is marked as "correct" either by the mods or the OP. Confirms bump it up the queue for approval but it needs to be manually approved to be marked correct. Sometimes it can take weeks for answers to be marked correct, but they will often do them in big batches so just be patient.
@ilkss not only u! me too! I answered correct to qusteion with 459 points, and other several questions. This was confirmed and i didn't get anything
Why i didn´d get points if someone like my posts ?
@Operator I don't know if anything can be done for anon spammers, but anon_73EhgMput/tcy is definitely spamming.
So the short links that direct you to other NTP posts aren't being marked correct even though those posts are solved.
Here are some examples-
Where can I find this video?
12 months ago

pornstar name and video pls ?
10 months ago

Where can I find this video?
2 months ago
All user account related queries. Please use:

I will stop giving out any account related details on this public thread.
@Operator, why Wall94 was banned for spam? I used short links because i thought it was permitted but then i stopped and removed all of them. You can't ban users only because they answer too many questions.
just a suggestion - in our profile where our questions are listed, it would be helpful to see which ones have answers or any posts. either showing the most recent reply or just a count or something.
You need to have the GIF hosted somewhere online, like one of the popular image hosts (Imgur as an example). Then paste the url of the image itself—ending in .gif—in the box at the top of this site.

the url should be something like: http:// www.imagehost.com/nameofimage.gif
Stacy is banned for exploits. Short urls are not allowed.
anon_0fHeomQ8P5DnI Thanks! but i doesnt work! Can smbd helps me?!

Just insert link the gif-file in search field
Hello. I want to know how to download gif to this site?
I'm also curious to how @StacyBikini was able to level up from 1-5 in a few hours without having posted a single answer anywhere. There was no "confirm bus" to come through in the past 13 hours, and yet he jumped up 4 levels in the past 7 hours? O_o The only way for him to rack up those kind points would be if someone is accepting his answers, and since he said he "deleted" his comments, we can't even see which answers they were. Something smells fishy...

Maybe the Operator will give you a break, but it's doubtful. No one has been suspended more times than me, and I've never been given a break. lol
@WorldsBestPorn welp, so i have to wait the 2 days out?
@StacyBikini why delete your comments? That doesn't make any sense and it doesn't account for the fact that you're at lvl 5 despite having 0 correct answers, which means you should still be at lvl 1 and not lvl 5.

I have just deleted my commetns. Because after i reached 5lvl i can edit/delete and confirm comments. Any questions?
How in the hell did @StacyBikini go from lvl 1 to lvl 5 without ever commenting on any post?
@anon_b6nHWTvR7saY2 aka @wordbox

I think I see the issue now. Your profile says you were suspended not for "spamming threads", but for spamming the confirm thread. Apparently your posts had already been marked as correct, and yet you were still posting them in the confirm thread. For example, you posted this in the thread 1 day ago:

What's the name of this porn actor?
11 months ago

But it had already been accepted as correct 4 days earlier. Granted, it didn't say "answered" when I first saw the link, and I actually had to click on it to see if it was indeed answered, (although it says it now), so perhaps that's why you re-posted it again. That kind of error happens sometimes, so be sure to actually click on the link before you re-post it next time.
Also my user tag is @wordbox, so if @Operator could take of my suspension that'd be great

The same thing happened to me a while ago, and I got no explanation to why. I created a thread dedicated to our favorite doggystyle sex scenes, but as soon as I posted it, it got deleted. I'm talking seconds after I posted it, so there was no way a mod could have seen it and deleted it that fast manually. And my thread didn't contain anything against this site's policy, so I had no clue why it was removed. Because of that, I just thought it was a glitch and tried to post a new one. But it was also removed in seconds, and then a few mins later I got suspended for "spamming threads". So if I could also get an explanation from @Operator to what happened back then, that would be great.
@Operator why did i get suspended for 2 days for doing absolutely nothing? I tried logging in at it says I've been suspended for 2 days because of spamming thread, and the last time I commented on a thread was like 15 hrs back, and i only commented ONCE

It's really not that hard at all. For your video, since you already knew the names of both of the performers, all you had to do was Google them together, and any info on their scenes together would pop up.
@WorldsBestPorn that seems like a lot to ask for. If I just can't get my answers confirmed because I'm not going all the way to the company's website, I just won't be getting my answers confirmed. I hope that they can still enjoy the information, but I'm not going through all of that work.

@dmac85 it was not that for most of the ones, most of them were of a picture or a video asking for a name, no vid required. However upon typing this edit, I found that some of those posts asking for more clarification ended up being marked correct. I think it was just a bug.

For videos, finding the offcial source is the fastest way to get your answer accepted. For your video, this is the source:

It clearly identifies the names of the pornstars and the title of the video.

They'd have to click it anyway, plus I followed the rules. The alert was that I didn't give enough info, yet the rules say just how much info to give. What else could I give?
I need help, I can not create new theats.
@Operator I've been reporting spammers for the past two days and it got me wondering if this is the best way of reporting them to you or do you prefer I flag them? Also you may want to take a look at @michaelecarter155 I've noticed that everytime they post a question the same user answers, almost like they're helping each other out, plus they have the same last name as the previous spammer that I reported @olivecarter1919 it's all a little too coincidental for me.

I get it. It would be nice to have a way to let the OP says that the answer are not good and if after x days it gets mark has resolved. It's something frustrating looking for the scene and finding a free video... and no points for the work.

Anyways, it's just suggestions.

Yeah, but like @NinNin said, that's only works fast when it's an image, but for a video, the mod would actually have to watch the video first, and then click on the names, and the find an image to compare both pornstars. When you're a mod who has tons of other posts to check, that would take way too long. It's your job to make the mod's job as easy as possible.
@WorldsBestPorn when you click the link to the name the faces are there.
So why are unregistered users still allowed to ask questions and comment on posts? the first question i saw on NTP today was pedophilia related, not cool

That sounds good in theory, but I've seen 2-year old posts that had an answer with 7+ confirms on it, but the answer was incomplete, or just flat-out wrong. Sometimes the reason WHY an answer can sit there long enough to rack up all those confirms is because it's wrong.
@Operator i don't know if it's already like that... but it would be nice that after a number of confirms (or sum of the levels of the confirmers), the request automatically get resolve.
@Operator it looks as though @olivecarter1919 is taking over spamming duties for @dopeboyal or maybe they're the same person.

what do you need exactly? if you want to 'search for someone' just pust the name you want in the bar on the left side below the link "Support and Help"

if you want to ask a question, the url on the main bar in the upper
New to the community. I still don't understand how to search for someone. I have a pic/url but I don't know what to do with it. And yes I read the help section but I still don't know exactly how to do it properly.

I respectfully disagree. Firstly, @PmMeGifsForSauce 's example is a video, so the porn stars are more difficult to identify than if it was a photo or GIF. Secondly, it's not unusual to see questions asking to identify Riley Reid, let alone Jenna Haze and Sophia Santi.

I see a lot of users overlooking the importance of confirm links in their answers--I do this too--so I'm glad the moderators are asking for more info.

I feel the only time it's permissible to give an answer without a supporting link is when one can click on a porn star's name and easily find posts that support the answer, for example:

Who is she?
1 month ago

What's the name of this porn star?
2 months ago

Users should make it as easy as possible for other users to confirm their answers and for the moderation team to mark them as correct.
@Hikariazuma This thread is not for asking names but discussions. Please ask your question with the regular form so everyone can see it and answer it.

They are Jenna Haze and Sophia Santi and they are beyond than well known in the biz so i think they don't need extra source to confirm.

a source is always helpful. its not like the usual Tessa Fowler or Dillion Harper posts where everyone knows who they are ;)

Do you have anything to confirm your answer is right? Mods won't always take your word for it, I'm noticing.
I have an odd confirm issue on this post

What's the name of this porn actor?
8 months ago

I don't know what more I'd put. It just asked for names, and the question already has the whole video.

Edit: Just noticed it's on a ton o my recent posts.
Hi im lvl 3 and i got a wrong answear in one of my posts marked correct..what can i do?
@dopeboyal is spamming.

As long as you don't do it constantly, then you should be alright. But there was a user who got banned a few months ago that would only answer posts from the same anon poster, so it was pretty easy to see that he would ask a question as an anon, and then use his account to answer it himself seconds later in order to level up.
Post a correct answer and flag the wrong one.
These post correctly identify where to find the video but incorrectly list the answer as Holly Michaels

Where can I find this video?
7 months ago

Where can I find this video?
3 years ago

The correct answer is Augustisfoxy

Where can I find this video?
6 months ago

Is there a way you guys can fix that?
What is the point of the vote system?

No, flagging isn't a valid reason just when someone posts a wrong answer, but it's definitely valid if that wrong answer gets accepted. You can flag the post and say the wrong answer was accepted. Just make sure you have proof that it's wrong.
@Operator so what can you do to wrong answers that are marked correct? flag them? cause apparently thats not a 'valid' reason
What's the name of this porn actor?
1 year ago

What's the name of this porn actor?
2 years ago
@Operator is there any chance to change my username please?
weird... it worked for me too some time ago but I noticed it earlier and today too. I also just tried to downvote your comment and it didn't work.
don't know how I can prove it, it says loading but nothing happens. I am using Opera v.43, maybe because of that.

Edit: it is working... came back 10 mins later to see that my downvote worked... was wondering because the I saw the upvote instant but the downvote took some more time

It's working just fine, so to prove it, I just down-voted your comment ;) lol
Hi, what's up with the voting system? Upvotes are working but downvotes don't seem to?
@Tyrion1 I prefer that instead of deleting, just replace the video at the top of the page with the cached image, that way if someone has gone to the trouble of researching and putting info there, it will not be lost to posterity.
I don't know how well this would be received, but I wouldn't mind this site offering push notifications.
When we come across questions with dead video links, should we flag the to be deleted or is it more trouble than it is worth for the mods?
i can't post this gif, it sends me to a blank page
Thanks @Operator I'll make sure to come here if there are any other issues with posting answers.
Thank you, @Operator
@finPorn you start from help page to understand, what you can post. Then you post it using the field in center top.

@Neo81 Answers will be marked incorrect format if they have misspelled names or missing tags. If you get incorrect format, then always good idea to make a screenshot first before you edit, in case you want to dispute (like now). And then figure out, if you misspelled the name. This site has covered so many names, that possibility that the name is still bold font without link, is small.
Where do i go to post a question about finding a video?
Why was this marked as incorrect format? (Note: Edited because it's the only way to see hidden formatting, and added Data18 link)

Name + video?
6 months ago
@spiderboi700@L1bru5 So first thing first. If you get any issue while doing and action/event to the site, then always provide me with an error message. There is nothing I can do later on without an error message.

Currently I see that our answer is there and accepted. So there is little I can do right now.

However, I can tell you the main reason why all of your comments are not going trough. Its because your comment uses a blacklisted-domain. These are the spammers, who attacked our site daily basis with short urls redirecting to pure spam sites. We have deleted all of them and obviously banned for life. The spam detecting center is extremely complex, but it worked. However, due to security reasons we do not show any more details in error messages. This will be fixed soon, and it is ignorant from me to expect, you to remember every spammer we ever had. But trust me, they are blocked for a reason.

Since this is public discussion, I don't feel comfortable to go more into details. You can contact me via account.namethatporn.com/contact and I can give you more specific support. This issue is being handled, but its a multi-step solution and cannot be rushed.
@L1bru5 I thought it was just me. For some reason whenever I try to answer bounty questions my answer ends up timing out. And it'll tell me to try again later. After a dozen tries it usually works but I hope this issue gets solved. It can be quite annoying. I try just tagging the name and it usually works then I go back and edit the answer and add everything else links ect. Try that and see if it works.
@spiderboi700 - yeah, that seemed to work. thanks for the tip.

Anyone having issues posting answers? Trying to answer this one and it just times out and gives me an error.

Name of all hentai ?
1 year ago

-- Answer --
00:55 - Stringendo - Episode #12

00:57 - Elf Hime Nina

01:01 - Soushisouai Note: The Animation - Episode #1

01:13 - RinkanClub - Episode #2

01:30 - Zettai Junshu Kyousei Kozukuri Kyokashou!! - Episode #1

01:38 - unknown
spiderboi700 confirms this as correct.

Sorry for that. We got a bit carried away. lol But although we were talking among ourselves, I think our suggestions were indeed directed at the staff. Many of us have been having issues with OP's not accepting correct answers recently, and perhaps one of our suggestions could be an answer.
Please make a new thread to talk about ideas between you guys. This is a thread between staff and users. Its getting very spammy, specially with the "good idea" "thanks" comments.
@WorldsBestPorn It's true that two random users can create posts and confirm each other, but that can only be for very low points, and, as you say, would take a long time. I also doubt anyone would do that, and we can see that they haven't.

That is not worth it, but if one of those users has "Mark as Correct" powers, now they can do this with posts that at 500+ points, several years old, and that becomes much faster, and much more worth it. And since the posts they have Marked are not by those two users, the Operator doesn't have an easy clean up situation. They can't just delete those posts, since the OPs for those posts were not the offending parties.

As for the time-frame solution, what if the Original Post was older, maybe a 2 year old 500 point question. It may be a little optimistic to expect the OP to continue checking at least once a week to see if they have a post.

Another unrelated possible part of a solution:
I think something that might help would be to have some common pieces of info that the OP is looking for as checkboxes for the OP to check for the required pieces of info. That way, it makes it easier to see that an Answerer did or did not correctly answer the question. For instance, you could have checkboxes when you are posting a question:
Full Video

So now the Answerer can't get confirmed if he has not put in tags for the required pieces of information. More importantly, the Answerer should be notified that he did not post the required info, so that he can go back and correct. Perhaps the Answerer should also have some way to Mark his post as "I think I have correctly answered this". That way people doing Confirms, or Marking Correct have some extra filter to quickly find posts that are more likely to need to be confirmed. I know I often do research and can't find a solution, but I just add some info that may help someone else.

True, but 2 users can already game the system and level each other up as it is. One can ask a question, the other can answer it, and then the first one can accept it, and then they can repeat the process as often as necessary. But the problem is doing that will take them both a very, very long time to level up, so I doubt anyone would put in the time to try it.

As for my time-frame solution, I suppose I should have added a bit more info about it. In my scenario, the OP can "stop the clock" so to speak at anytime by simply accepting the answer, or explaining why the confirmed answer did not meet their criteria for a correct answer. So just because someone confirms an answer, doesn't mean it will automatically be accepted in 7 days. That would only happen if the OP remained neutral for that time, which I think is plenty of time for him to stop the clock. All I'm trying to do is keep OP's active. Active in accepting correct answers, or at least active in explaining why they didn't, so someone can give them the answer they desire. Right now we have too many OP's that are doing neither.
@WorldsBestPorn The Maddy O'reilly problem is a different Problem. That is the Apostrophe in the name, not the spelling. You see, the single-quote character is the string delimiter for ANSI SQL. My guess is the code for this site is not escaping that character correctly, so it is breaking the SQL either for inserting the name in the table for performer names, or for querying it. I agree, though that something like that should be fixed.

About marking posts correct... I can see where the OPs are coming from. It's not so easy to ensure quality in an automatic fashion. Points based really promotes gaming. People who are high rank have already proved that points gaming is important to them. Automatic moderation based on that makes for a lot of extra gaming. You can make other free accounts, and essentially level them up, or a friend's account, so that you can use that to further boost your primary account. You really need a level of trust. I would instead prefer another Class of user called something like "Moderator". Since Ops have to Confirm posts anyway, they have to look at them, so they can decide to promote a user to Moderator, who is someone that the Op can trust to ensure the required quality when they confirm. This status can then be removed if there are shenanigans. Perhaps you can aid in automation by allowing Moderators to nominate other people for Moderator, then the Ops can eventually spend time vetting Moderators rather than Confirming posts. I don't know, it's a hard problem.

I don't like the idea of a time-frame after a confirm either, because I frequently see people confirm answers that are sketchy at best. People are incentivized to Confirm because they get points. They are not penalized if they Confirm a wrong answer, so the only incentive is to confirm as many as possible, not to ensure quality, which I think is the Operator's intent.

This is a hard problem, and I appreciate the difficulty of the Operator's position.

I don't mean to be negative without any good solutions of my own, but I guess I was. Sorry guys.

Thanks :)
those are some good ideas

Giving high-ranking users and long-term users the ability to mark posts as correct is a good solution to the OP problem, but that brings with it possible problems too. Because if an high-ranking OP refuses to accept a correct answer, then they might choose not to mark a post as correct for the same reason, which is just because they don't want a certain user to get the points. So I have another suggestion, and let me hear how it sounds. What if after someone posts an answer for an OP, and someone confirms it to be correct, the OP now has 7 days to either accept the answer, or explain why it's incorrect. If the OP does neither and the time expires, then the post is automatically marked as correct, and the user with the confirmed answer gets the points. This solves 2 problems at the same time:

1. It forces OP's to come online at least once per week, so they can make sure their questions aren't automatically mark as solved. I've answered too many posts from OP's who haven't been on in months, so my answer just sits there collecting dust. lol

2. It forces OP's to give a detailed reason why they won't accept the confirmed answer as correct.

I think if we had this policy, our solved ratio would shoot up dramatically, and more people would be awarded the points that they deserve.

When you tag someone's name and it comes up in black, it could mean she doesn't have a profile yet. But it can also mean that she does, but her profile has a differently spelled name. If you're not sure, then simply copy her name and post it the search bar on the left. Other answered posts will come up if she does have a profile, and you can see the "correct" ways her name is spelled. I call this the Maddy O'reilly rule. Why? Because THAT is the correct way her name is spelled, and yet it's in black. So in order to get points for answering questions with her, I have to purposely misspell her name as Maddy O Reilley, Maddy O Reilly, or Maddy Oreilly. It's soooooo annoying. lol
@Operator , it most definitely DID have name tags on it before I edited it. I only changed one character when I edited it, adding a single "x" in the already formatted name tag to make the name match as per @WorldsBestPorn 's post. I think you can look back at my 680+ posts and you will see that they all are formatted correctly. This one was no different. I don't feel like you should take that tone with people who spend a lot of time for free to contribute to your site.

@WorldsBestPorn I see your point about making an AKA. I usually do, but in this case, I had no idea that "Shaun Foxx" as described in the official store site for that video had any other aliases. Either way, that should not prompt a "Formatted Incorrectly" error. The Format was correct. You could argue that the ANSWER was incorrect, but not the format.
For the rest: Like a broken record, I repeat again: We are working on big changes. They do not happen overnight. Not even with a week. There is going to be a beta program soon for users, who wish to contribute. I will in near future drop a link here, where you can sign up and get early access.

@KeyMasterOfGozer It probably didn't have nametags before you edited.
I don't know how many admins there are or how many people go around and mark posts as correct, but i think it would be great if high level and/or long term user get the ability to mark posts as correct too.

Yeah, in situations like that, I would recommend simply using both names just to play it safe. For example:

Shauna Foxxx aka Shauna Foxx
That's cool, I can change that, but that is not how her name is spelled on the official site. It only has two x's. So at worse, she has two similarly spelled aliases, which is not uncommon. See this official video from the actual sales site for the company has it spelled with two x's,

Shauna Foxxx has 3 x's in it, broham
This comment is marked as "Answer can’t be marked as correct due to missing name tags."
whos the guy?
9 months ago

But the answer clearly has Name tags correctly done for both actors in the clip, also a Title tag correctly done. I don't understand why this is marked like that.
Why imgur. com imagens dosen't work?
Hello, just wondering how often moderators go through answers to confirm/accept? Have about 85+ posts and was wanting to know if I should list them anywhere for visibility?

I post them in both these threads but not seeing much results.
A thread to request confirms
2 years ago
A thread to keep track of answers that are waiting to be marked as correct
1 year ago
Why do u need second account? Try
In theory you should be able to create new verification link from there. And all account issues, please use the contact form at
Where can I find this video?
9 months ago

Can I get a confirm on this before the video is taken down again.
I answered the link below, but the question got deleted.
I don't think the question was against the rules.
Is this a bug in the website? This happened before.
It's so frustrating after you spent some time to find the answer.

Where can I find this video?
10 months ago

Yeah, I still do, but when you spend an hour tracking down some obscure porn for an OP, then the least they can do is accept the answer. Confirming answers and accepting them are the best way for users to keep this site running smoothly, because it takes a huge burden off the mods, who already have a ton of things to do here.
@worldsbestporn, just answer anyway if you can. It's not like it hurts you to not get the points.
We are working hard actively improving the site. There has been alot of work lately in regards of YOUR security. Changing the core principles of the community to fix ALL these issues, is not a one day development. Try to focus on positive new updates, and have faith for the future.

I think you might be right. Because I answered four 600+ point posts from a certain high-ranking user, and after 3 weeks, he still had not accepted them as correct, even though he comes online everyday. I even tagged in him a comment asking him why hadn't he accepted them, since he said he was looking for the full vids, and I gave him exactly that, but I STILL got no response. And I've been noticing many OP's doing that same thing, so it's getting to the point where I only answer posts from anons now, since I know that a Mod will eventually come by and close that thread at some point. With OP's, you don't know if they will ever close it, just for the sake of denying you the points.
@dmac85 Exactly! These are just internet points that have no use to us, if they could be turned into bitcoins then it would be a different story. There's not much of a reward for giving other people confirms rather than getting them yourself so it's like no one cares to mark questions as correct which means everyone will stop doing it and no one will level up lol.
@WorldsBestPorn pretty much covered this already "I answered several posts from a couple of +Level 4 users. I answered them with names and the link to full video, and yet they refuse to accept the answer as correct in order to close the thread. So my question is what can be done when a user refuses to accept a 100% correct answer? Can a mod accept it for them, or are +Level 4 users the only ones who are allowed to do this? I can provide the links to the threads if you need them. Also, your email would be appreciated."

I've also had this issue. Out of about 80 absolutely correct answers I've given with links, info, and tags only about 50 were marked as correct. The ops won't mark my answers as correct and for some reason it seems like it's becoming harder to get answers marked as correct. Could you possible implement a system where if the op isn't active or hasn't responded someone else can mark the question's answer as correct? I mean marking and receiving points for it NOT confirms.

which the shemale things lately, can users anywhere see what content is allowed and what not?
just could find some info here in the policy section:

but it seems like it doesnt cover all
maybe it should be added there or somewhere else so the users get official info about this
So, the account subsystem has a loggedin view. You can verify your account, change password and contact us in regards to your account.

Go check it out. NB! Older users, it would be very wise to go and verify your account, to avoid future issues, when we are slowly integrating more strict policies to our system to counter spam and low quality content.

In future, all settings, messages and account actions will be handled by this subsystem.
how to add two pictures in one post
@WorldsBestPorn such a busy day i totally forgot about the fool's day XD
@Operator got it.
@prometheus But you can leave comments, otherwise you would have not been able to write here.

I can not answer the questions sent by others.
I was very much successful of accepting answer:
Looking for a name for this beautiful angel!?
2 months ago
@prometheus can you be more specific. Do you mean, that you cannot accept other users answers in your own posts?

I can not answer the questions.Does not accept.
@Vlad20 There is nothing wrong with the profile pictures. You don't need to worry or take any action.

You beat me to it xD I was just about to ask the same thing. You're seeing a teletubbie, right? Well welcome to April Fools Day on the internet, my man. lol

is something wrong with the profile avatar/pro pic?
it is not showing the one i set manually.
We have implemented more secure login, register and general account action subsystem.

This subsystem is gonna aim to improve overall security and privacy of user accounts and can handle most of the stuff, you right now need to contact us directly.

Let us know, if there is any issues with logging in. It is important to note of course, that clearing out old cache of your browser never hurts.

NB! New accounts since 1st of April have to verify their emails to login.
@Tyrion1 it comes with level. You should have it.
How does one get that ability to mark things correct?
@WorldsBestPorn there is no difference in moderating system on showing low level posts vs. high ranking posts. All get equally moderated. With the exception of highlighted questions, with bounties and the user actively follows up on answers. Example: Please fuck me ad (we do not feel like, we have enough grounds there to call it solved)

Your provided examples, were good and the only explanation why they were not moderated, was coincidence (probably).

We are still working on new features, that will try to attack these issues and most likely will show great improvement on natural solved ration matter.
@Operator & @Don

I'm curious about the policy for 100% correct answers given to high ranking users who don't accept them. Either because they haven't been on this site in ages, or because they just simply refuse to accept a correct answer for some unknown reason. Can a moderator accept the answers in order to close the post after a certain time, or if the answer is determined to be 100% correct? Here are 5 examples of what I mean. All of them are correct answers that include names, full videos, confirm links, and confirms. In the first 3 posts, the OP's haven't been online in months, and in the last 2 posts, the OP's have been online within the past few hours, but yet they still refuse to accept the right answers that were posted weeks ago:

What's the name of this porn actor?
2 years ago
Full Video?
2 years ago
Where can I find this video?
1 year ago

Where can I find this video?
2 years ago
Where can I find this video?
2 years ago

This kind of thing kills the overall solved ratio of the site, so my question is are high ranking OP's always responsible for accepting answers, or can they be overruled by mods in certain cases?
Maybe its best, that you email me directly: my username at this sites domain. There is going to be a fix for login issues on 1st April. But I still want to know what is causing it.
@Operator for some reason it's not allowing me to link a screenshot, but the best way that I can describe the issue that I've been having is that there's a grey, not white, border across the top where before I was able to log in, but because it's there I haven't been able to. At first I thought maybe I had been suspended for some reason, but I found a post that I had answered and clicked on my username to see if that was the case and it wasn't.

please provide more details on the issue. There should not be any white bars on top. Please make a screenshot and link it here.

Also what OS and browser are you using. We cannot switch back sites design just for you, but if there is a fix, we can find it.
Please please.. Site doesn't support this link . What is first girl name
@Operator you stated that there were changes made to mobile view the other day, is there any way I can change back to the old layout? That white bar is still at the top of the site for me and preventing me from logging in.
@fenasikerim Mods are responsible for accepting answers from anon users. It may take a while, but they will get to them eventually.
I have 5 posts in my favorities and answered by me, confirmed by other users but they are from anonymous users so probably they will never get final correct answer so how do we get these final corrects? Frankly i want those points.

What's the policy of the website for this?

Why do shemales stop being accepted?
@tellmewhodis that is a requirement for our moderation team. But OP, technically can accept any comment, he/she finds it helpful.
I see, thought it was a requirement
@tellmewhodis the user thought, it was good enough for him and marked it as correct.
Can anyone tell me why the answer got marked as correct even if the tags are missing?
Where can I find this video?
2 months ago
Post a question using the box at the top of the page. If you don't have a video or image you can use any random image.
Hey y'all idk if this is the right place to ask but I'm looking for a video where the girl is working out and it's either her step brother or roommate comes up behind and slips it in and he says " I thought you wanted me to"
@anon_79uPhXqEe7rGM You can upload it to Pornhub, Xvideos, or even to twitter. Then copy the image link and post it in the searchbar on this site.
I have a screenshot of a porn ad, how do I upload it so we can figure out what the video is or who is in it?

Everything you need to know about asking a question is here:
How do i ask a question? I cant actually find a place to ask it (add media etc). Ive looked in help and ive searched throughout the website but i cant find it. Please help.
@ballzem Good suggestion :)
Hi, during my short time answering questions on this wonderful website I've favorite and fallowed hundreds of posts and questions for various reasons, among which lack of time to answer one so I favorite it to answer it later or facing some issues with my internet connection or maybe I just found a post that contain links I was looking for or posts that can be used as reference. the list goes on and on.
These features (favorite and follow) are great but the downside is that I can't File them or create playlists, maybe one for check later or references or interesting, etc.
I hope this suggestion won't be buried or lost in the crowd. Please take it into consideration as it will make the answering process much more easy at lest for me.
Thank you.

Youflix spammer is back again, this time posting as anon:

Auto.msg.: ntp.so/ - dead link Auto.msg.: ntp.so/ - dead link Auto.msg.: ntp.so/ - dead link
@Porndiver youflix has been banned forever along with his URL. So dont use that link.

@rawnnnnn I will look up into it. But in theory it means, the frontend core dies. So try to clear your cache and on PC do CTRL + F5 reload.

@WorldsBestPorn I haven't had the time to get there yet, but I think there is a minor glitch with lower levels with accepting answers. That system will be rewritten along with new review features. I cant say when, but soon. After that, hopefully you guys can together do more useful for yourself, then just flag stuff.
@youflix is wrongly using NTP to promote his own site by posting link to videos along with his queries.
How to create a post xD
Whenever I try to confirm an answer a "Loading..." label show up and nothing happen. Why?

I answered several posts from a couple of +Level 4 users. I answered them with names and the link to full video, and yet they refuse to accept the answer as correct in order to close the thread. So my question is what can be done when a user refuses to accept a 100% correct answer? Can a mod accept it for them, or are +Level 4 users the only ones who are allowed to do this? I can provide the links to the threads if you need them. Also, your email would be appreciated.
@dmac85 Most likely it was a dead video, that I deleted but checked your answer and confirmed it to be correct. I don't feel it is fair to delete dead posts, without rewarding users.
Go to view all notifications and refresh the page. The notification will be marked as read and will be gone automatically.
@Operator What's your email?
I has come to my attention, that some users were still somehow able to access our pre 2013 uservoice support system. It is permanently deleted now. All support is being done over email and this support thread.
I hate to say it: registered users rarely accept answers so you have to wait for a mod to approve the answer. Of the nearly thousand questions I've answered, maybe 3 of them were marked correct by a user.
Sorry guys, moderation is backed up but will resume to normal tempo soon. And we are working on new features to make moderation more automated and to encourage OP's to accept answers. Please note, that everything we do on this site on is in our free time and things may take awhile, there's a lot of stuff to maintain, spam attacks to deal with etc.

Please have some patience and tell me if you have any issues with the site redirecting itself, more specifically on mobile platforms?
The same issue for tags
Can we add categories? That's will improve the effectiveness of our research for similar or duplicated posts, as well as the satisfaction of site's visitors
@Tyrion1 I'm not sure about the "every few days" on the confirm bus. It usually takes a couple of months for me. It's been a month since I've been visited by the Confirm Bus, but it will eventually come.
Do we have to wait for a final confirmation from question owner to earn points? I have answered some questions and got confirmation but anonymous users usually do not return to mark their questions.

Can admins do that manually?
@Tyrion1 You just gotta be patient. The "confirm bus" comes by every few days or so, which means answers are accepted in bulk. Just give it time.

I used to log in a lot and answer questions, and they got marked 'answered' fairly quickly after I posted them in the confirm thread. I took a break and recently started answering again, but the posts don't seem to be getting marked as 'answered'. Am I being too impatient? Do you still worry about marking things answered? Am I doing something wrong? Most of the posts on my 'following' page seem ready to marked answered. Just wondering.
@Anon_fewfqDgsGXLiA fixed.

@anon_0evW6.JkTKg7w make a post about that.

By the way, this is the operator. Too lazy to login, sorry.
I have a video who i would see but i can't find her or copy the url link she is already on this site but i can't found her she is too deep in the history wich name is teen anime chick jerks dick
if you can help me. ty
@Operator@Don I'm not sure, but I think there maybe a glitch happening. Several times this week, I would answer a post that contained a video, but then moments later it would say "video not found". Normally, that would mean the video was deleted, but when I clicked the "source" button, the video played just fine. Is it an embedding issue? Has anyone else experienced this? :/ Here's a prime example right here...
What's the name of this porn star?
4 months ago
For the record, in response to NinNin's Post #52424714 two posts below, where he felt an incorrect inference was made about what sounded like a "general rule," his own words (from #523539 of mentioned thread linked ten posts below) read as follows:

"In response to @Know-way , in the staff thread (#481872) @Don clarifies that answers to "Where can I find video" questions need only 'playable media' to get marked as correct."

That indeed sounds like media of any length would be the general rule.

Ok, let me ask it myself. Does anybody detect anything wrong on the site while using a mobile phone?
Auto.msg.: ntp.so/ - dead link

You're putting words in my mouth and you're making an incorrect inference. I did not, as you say, present @Don 's line--"a short clip would be sufficient"--as a "general rule" when answering questions about videos, nor do I support it as such. I'm not going to comment further on the post that started this discussion as I feel I've said all that I needed to say.

I think you misunderstood my views on anons. I'm not saying that they should be punished by only receiving partial answers, because I always try to find the full video to every post that I answer, even when the post is only asking for the name. What I'm saying is that when only a partial video can be found for an anon's post, then there is no reason why it shouldn't be accepted as correct. Users have the ability to accept answers as correct for a reason, and it's because it gives the user the power to decide if an answer meets their standard or not. That's the benefit of being an actual member of this community, and not an anon just passing through.

For example, a while ago, I posted a GIF of a girl receiving a huge facial and asked for the video. Someone posted only a 5min clip, but the clip contained the facial that I wanted, so I accepted it as correct. If partial videos are no longer allowed, then that correct answer would have sat their for who knows how long, and having open posts like that doesn't benefit this community at all. And if someone comes to that post later on and gets upset that the full video wasn't posted, then they can simply repost it themselves and ask for the full video.
@WorldsBestPorn respectfully, I have to disagree. I guess I'm not here for the points per se, instead I think of this as a database where people including myself can search for answers. It shouldn't matter if the OP is anon or a user, this is for the greater good, and all who may search later, not just the OP. If you are going to do the job, you might as well do it right.

One should always try to provide the full video if possible, and only if after a very thorough search, you can't find it, the a partial, and label it as such. If the OP is asking for a video, and you post a partial, then someone comes after an posts the Full, the one who answered the question more correctly should get the credit.

Of course, I would not be opposed to being able to give an "Assist" to previous posters, so you can share the points. That would promote camaraderie, and encourage people to post partial answers if they know them to help someone else "get it into the goal".

I have to side with @NinNin on this for one reason. You have to understand that some posts are 1-2 years old, and are usually asked by anons, which mean they have no ability to accept answers. This also means that someone can spend hours trying to find a full version of a video, (even though a full video wasn't even asked for), for an anon who can't even reward you for all that hard work, and probably doesn't even care about it anymore, since they didn't even care enough to take the time in order to make an account. So I myself only try to find the full video for users with accounts. I reward them for taking the time to make an account by posting the full video for them, and they in turn reward me for taking the time to find the full video by accepting my answer. We both benefit in that case, so anon OPs should basically just take whatever we can find, even if it's a short clip.
If Don wrote that "a short clip would be sufficient" line in cases where nothing better is available, then he was exactly in tune with where I have been coming from. But you presented that line as a general rule, and indeed, the way it was phrased in Don's response (to you) comes across as the rule.

Remember, the hubbub was in regard to a user getting the credit for a partial video, when someone else later came up with the full video. (The first user then apparently took the full video link presented later, and altered his initial reply in an "EDIT," without acknowledging the second user... which did not sit well with me.)

You made the point the first user was not in the wrong, as I argued he was, because we are allowed to provide short clips in our responses to "Where can I find this video" questions. To substantiate your position, you pointed to Don's "A short clip would be sufficient" line as the general rule. Now you seem to be saying otherwise, that Don only meant what he wrote in special cases (which, again, I would be in full agreement with. But... is that what Don meant? Let's tune in and see).

You are now at a mind-blowing "Level 92," @NinNin , and you have already mentioned in the other thread (or "post," as they like to say around here) that you provide full-lengthers anyway. You seem to have been doing a great job so far, and I do not think you need to worry about additional stress. If Don and/or the Operator make clear we are supposed to provide full videos, but short ones will be okay in special cases, then the situation will be exactly as I have always thought it was... and that you apparently now think it is. Nothing will have changed for you, or for the rest of "us" puzzle-solvers.
@Know-way In fairness, @Don said "a short clip would be sufficient" in cases where nothing better is available. His words should not be used to clear the way for "any piece of crap video excerpt".
(@Jimmmy , an "Openload" solution could be to provide the link in two separate lines, and add the note to please combine both lines.)

Hello, @Don ! (And dear @Operator .) How are you? It has been a long time.

Reason why I am squawking now is related to the commotion taking place at:

Where can I find this video?
2 years ago

In response, valued member @NinNin has brought to my attention a stipulation that Don wrote in Post #4818722 below, two months ago.

I was troubled by Don's line, " Note: A short clip would be sufficient", in response to "Where can I find this video?" questions.

As I have known, we do not provide partial clips, nor do we provide torrent links (because not everyone can do torrents), except in the rare cases where a movie is so unattainable, we have no other choice. ("Better than nothing.")

The decision is always up to the moderator to issue an approval or not, and it is the prerogative of the moderator to do so for whatever reason; that cannot be argued with, as Don has made clear with his ending line. (The OP's can always mark the questions solved regardless of the information provided.)

But we cannot accept partial clips as a rule. That would defeat the purpose, and I humbly request that this is made clear to all.

I see we have a lot more helpers, and they have been doing amazing work. It is astounding how so many have penetrated the "Level 100" mark, which was unthinkable "back in the day." With that, there come those who are "score crazy," and may engage in underhanded tactics. Can we imagine how those who are scruples-challenged may go about providing any piece of crap video excerpt... and then confidently point to the rule, as it now stands, " Note: A short clip would be sufficient"?

No one who asks for a video would desire anything less than the full video (without their needing to specify with the word "Full"), and that should be the general rule. (Otherwise... chaos shall ensue!)

Hey, why can't we post openload links anymore?
@Operator and @Don Hey guys, I seem to be having an issue at the login screen. I haven't been able to log into my account at all since yesterday. What's the problem? Thanks for your time :)
Do you support, or will, tumbkr posts ?
There he goes again with his crappy music, and pathetic grammar
What's the name of this porn star?
3 months ago

The guy trying to promote his music is @Fatass_lover. As you can see here, his account has already been permanently banned for spam:

But that didn't stop him. Now he just does it as an anon, so that's yet another reason why this site should consider forcing every user to register.
fenasikerim confirms this as correct.
hi there

another spammer is using the site, example of his posts:
What's the name of this porn star?
4 months ago
Full video?
4 months ago

If I discover that a user is posting multiple questions as an anon, (around 10 in a row), and then using his account to answer them seconds later just to gain points, then should that user be reported?
This site doesn't accept straight .mp4 links.
So I cannot post this as I would usually but can someone help me finding this game show?
Its great to get some support and understanding even if my spelling I see is terrible.

I post to this site not for the points to win this month cos there are all manner of ways to cheat this site of you want to do want - shall I tell you? its not that hard..

I post cos there are ceratin people who know stuff and other who live in a world that they know of called "learned helplessness" where its easier to get someone else to do something for you than try..at all.
Thats the net for you tho its expected that everything on the internet is free. People expected the latest music films and tv show to be posted all nice for them and those that give enough of a shit to do all this work to just do it and have the audacity to complain if its late.

For me finding the name of a beauty I like is a must - finding a full length film from a short clip can be really hard.

BUT the point of this site is for the masses of us missing a dick trench at that moment can find that porn star or film.

We are cheating the porn industry that hate sites like this im sure - BUT saying that it does put together a world ful or folks who know that one useful thing and here have the option to share it.

if this info was converted from points in bitcoin rather than just kudos then it woudl be different - one one as I said who know the most may not want the competition of others lower than them trying really hard - spending hours to add to a site database that give them nothing in return.

To me this site is the WIKI of porn and IF we all pull together.... it can be useful to us all.

Please then confirm some of the posts ive spent a long time researching as I do if I find them - cos its the cool thing to do.

A while I walked away from this site - but before i spend days deleting every single post I made I could cos I was so annoyed I wasted time and coudl not delete my "account" in total and my info was site domain now.

If tho you dont have a confirm you CAN delete the info you tried to share but sites thier never getting a confirm.

Of course it may be cos it wron or doesnt have a red link - its might mean someone has to check to confirm for someone else.

Ive had a LOT of fun online since the web stared - its good to give back - give back.

Make a porn donation - give back some of YOUR time and have fun while doing it !

love u man, perfect post

id like to say just one thing: we know that the bosses dont even get paid enough to work here, we know things are hard to create and maintain but i really think we users should have something just to show how we help here every month

once i told about some info in the user profile like "times in top 10: xx | times in top 5 xx" or something like that, because we love this site and even with all those problems u told we still here, but for how long?

and guys please, look more in the solved ratio number and less in the points, lets think big and make this site (more and more) reliable
I wonder if its worth posting answers here sometimes..there are a great amount of rude users who demand answers as tho they pay someones wages.
If the answer isnt given how like they - its thrown in your face even tho sometimes you work with next to nothing and there isnt a video or a pic is a one off.

If you are the one person who knows something and write the info in..it doesnt get confirmed it months if at all.

Too many people get it wrong cos of a guess or dont format the answer right and get pissed when SOMEONE fixes it.

Not the steal point but to make an effort to add to the database rather than another dead none linked item.

THEN many post the info as anonymous either wrong or not formatted - then all those registered loose any chance of getting the points then we never get anyway cos someone confirmed a not formatted anonymous answer.

I can see why anyone would get fed up and want to leave and take all their time and effort put it to support a cool website when we end up with bullshit sponsored links prob 10 a page? that were "tested" to see if the reasonable among use thought it they should be flagged as underage or from some school trip and NOT a porn star as is intended?

Will I still visit and will I still post support?

Will we get our posts confirmed at any point as I try to when I find one needing it?

or are members unwill to confirm each other cos its competition and then they nigth not be top that month?

Any thoughts anyone of these issues?
Can I know how to:

1. Delete the photo/video links that I posted
2. Delete my account on this site

Thanks again, you've been very helpful on this issue. I will no longer respond users who attempt to bait me. I will simply report them and hopefully they will face the consequences that you mentioned.

You're saying that my account can still be suspended if I engage in rude/Inappropriate behavior while I'm not even logged in to my account?
Correct, posting anonymously will protect your privacy, but will not exempt you from consequences if you break the rules/demonstrate inappropriate behavior.

But more importantly, I wouldn't say that I've made any rude comments really at all.
We disagree.

Shouldn't Anon_95w7ITQBhCUa6 have his account suspended as well?
What makes you think he's/her's account did not get suspended? If an user account is tied to a anonymous poster and is found out to be breaking the rules, it will warrant a suspension.

From my own experience, I'd say either someone posted a comment on a post you're following, and removed it later on because they found out the answer was wrong, or the comment was reported as spam, and later removed by a mod.
I have recently been getting notifications for comments on my posts, but when I go to my post, there is no actual comment. I have received the notification and the post says that there is a comment, but there is no comment below.

Is this a glitch, or maybe a the commenter/another user causing the comment to be deleted? Thanks for any clarification.

Thank you for your reply, because I appreciate getting clarification on this issue. But just so that I understand you clearly, you're saying that my account can still be suspended if I engage in rude/Inappropriate behavior while I'm not even logged in to my account? That's good to know, because I'll come back to that later. But more importantly, I wouldn't say that I've made any rude comments really at all. Except for the fact that I simply responded to another anon user who has been constantly tagging me (and you) in comments telling you to ban me, simply because I answer all kinds of posts, and he doesn't like that. Here's the proof:

As you can see, those are 2 of the trolling comments and false-flags that he's done, but there have been several more. I documented this because I had a feeling that the person doing the trolling would face no punishment, but I would simply for responding to them, and that's exactly what happened. But since you said that even anon users can be suspended for their behavior, shouldn't Anon_95w7ITQBhCUa6 have his account suspended as well? And shouldn't he be suspended every time he false-flags someone and tags you in a comment over utter nonsense?

Rude/Inappropriate behavior, even if the comments are made anonymously can still result a suspension to your user account.

As far as I can tell, you have received two 24 hour suspensions for making rude comments. It's worth to mention that 24 hour suspension is the softest 'punishment' action available to mods.
@Don & @Operator

I seem to be experiencing a glitch at the login screen this past week. On 2 separate occasions I tried to login, and it said that I was suspended, even though I know for a fact that I haven't violated any terms of service. Also, when a person is legit suspended, there is a reason given on their profile. Be it spam, rude comments, etc. But there were no reason given to me at all either time, so I have no clue what activity to change even it the suspensions were legit, which again I'm sure they weren't. And at first, it also said that I was suspended until the year 2018, before correcting itself to 3 days, and then under 24hrs a few mins later. O_O So what's the deal?
Exactly like @KeyMasterOfGozer described happens to me all the time: click on a thumbnail in the right rail, video deleted, got back to previous page, thumbnails have all changed. I agree that throwing away the questions with deleted videos discards research that was already done.

I post the preview images in posts with deleted videos quite often and many of them have been solved because of it.

I'd advocate for an "Preview" button or link that shows the NTP ("displays") version of the preview image. Or only have the preview image as the first item, and put the video below it so even if the video is deleted, the preview image will still be available.
@Operator That doesn't work if you click, say the "Other unsolved questions" to the right side. When you return to the previous post, the thumbnails are now for different things. You might never be able to find the thumbnail again. But surely the thumbnail is linked to the page itself somehow in the DB, right?

Also, if you Delete posts with old videos, you will be removing any info that someone else may have researched. I would think it would be better to simply substitute the old deleted video with the cached thumbnail, then research won't be lost.
@Anon_2dMDiLV2xt96Q I dont know the solution, I have no idea what you are trying to upload that is so big it crashes the submitter.

@fairlyghost Old videos are currently marked and will be deleted. so most likely you don't need this solution very often. But you can right click on the thumbnail and inspect element and get the source URL to thumbnail file.
Thanks that's helpful.

What @KeyMasterOfGozer and I are talking about is if a video has been removed, there is no image in the post to show what used to be there. Often I will click a thumbnail of interest, but then there will be nothing in the post, like this:

who is this girl
1 year ago

but by just pasting in the preview image that NTP saves, I've gotten a few posts solved that would have otherwise gone unsolved because there was at least some image to identify.

So the request is: could you include a button, or link to the preview image for the post in case videos get removed but we still want to solve them? It could even be like the "Source" button, but instead of the original URL, it could be "Preview" and a link to the preview image. Or it could be some kind of + toggle that shows the image on click.
@Operator Ok...so what's the solution? I've tried 5 times to post the GIF, and it never posts.
@KeyMasterOfGozer Maximum cache on deleted posts, is so small it shouldn't be an issue. If you mean, that in other unsolved questions you click somewhere and last moment you see a thumbnail, but the cache is expired and you cannot go back to find it. Then I know its an issue, I have the same problem often, but I have got no solution for it yet.

@fairlyghost I believe, I have no idea what you guys are talking about. But maybe I can offer you another trick. If you copy the URL:
And remove the D1XASTZVWW2GX and add ntp.so in front of it. Then you have the posts SURL. So you can go to the post directly:
name and video of this pornstar ?
1 year ago

@anon_2dMDiLV2xt96Q your gif is 26mb. The system thinks you are attacking it and flushes you out. It doesn't actually load for ever, it just doesn't remove the loading sign.
@Operator@Don I'm unable to post gifs from pornhub. Every time I do, it takes forever to load (about 5-7 mins), but after I enter my title and other info and press submit, it just says "loading". As I write this now, it's been "loading" for 27 mins. Here's the gif:

Can someone copy the URL for me and post it in the search bar? If it works for you, let me know and I will follow the post.
A great suggestion. Here is a tip until that gets implemented: what I do is copy the URL of the thumbnail, paste it into the answer field, and change "tinies" to "displays" in the URL. This will show the full size preview image. Even if I don't know the answer I will just paste the image for future hunters.

It would be nice if we could recall it on the actual page like you are suggesting but maybe the above tip is useful until then.

Sometimes for some of the older (higher point) posts, the video linked as the question can be deleted, but the thumbnail on this site leading to the post is still cached on this site. That is usually how I was lead to the post. Often times, I see the thumbnail either on the sidebar "Other unsolved questions", or browsing through the "Scavenger Hunt" section, and on seeing the thumbnail, I think I know the answer. Once I open the post's page, I can no longer see the image.

What I am asking for is the ability to show the cached thumbnail image on the page of the post. That could help me out a lot. The best option would be for someone to be able to "flag" a post as the video having been deleted, then the cached image would be displayed by default for everyone. Also, I'm not sure how large the cached thumbnail is, but obviously, the bigger, the better.
Hey there, I recently tried to upload a picture on the site. Wouldn't let me do so, I tried everything but it still wouldn't let me post it. Can I post it hefe? I need to know the girl's name / name of the video('s), I have two short video's of about 7 seconds. Help would be appreciated!
I just went back to the beginning of this thread 2 full years, (and I recommend that everyone do that, because it's like a complete history of this site), and noticed that there was once a staff member named @Queen. This staff member seemed pretty cool, always handing out tips on how to get your answers accepted faster, and even would hand out 100 extra pts if your answer was THAT good :O So my question is whatever happened to her? Er....him? Whomever it was, what ever happened to them? lol Anybody from back in the day know?
Sapodorado confirms this as correct.
I modernised the video detail system. Now there should be more thumbnails. Also alot of broken videos got deleted, so hopefully the community is much more clean now.

Sadly I have noticed a glitch, where mobile users copy the source mp4 file and it goes trough the system. If you see such things, then flag the post and we'll take care of it. An update for this glitch will be made.
@fairlyghost I will look into it on first free moment. Thank you for the report :)
@NinNin , @Anon_2dMDiLV2xt96Q

The spammer in question, or any spammer for that matter is not affiliated with the site. To be honest, I have no idea why would you even think that, as all of his posts will get deleted.

We need to apply different approaches to different types of spam. Dealing with spammers is often a cat and mouse game. Sometimes it's more effective to let the spammer have a certain ID for easier detection. We try to always award points for flagging, but if there are 100+ posts from the spammer, we'll delete them straight from the database, which unfortunately doesn't award points. But we are working on another pro-active solution, which will stop him for awhile at least.


There can be exceptions in certain cases of course but generally "Where can I find video" questions without playable media do not get marked as correct. (Note: A short clip would be sufficient). Also the OP's can always mark the questions solved regardless of the information provided.

I read it somewhere a while ago in one of the staff threads that when answering a question about where to find a video, providing production info is sufficient when one cannot find a video URL. Is this correct? I've seen a lot of answers marked as correct when only data18 info has been provided. Clips4Sale, ManyVids, and official porn star sites should suffice as well when there is no free streaming content available and torrents and file sharing sources are crap shoots.

Answers such as the following include the best info that I could find and have multiple confirms yet still have not been marked as correct. The question after all is simply "Where can I find this video?" In the end, providing the source is most important because free content isn't available indefinitely.

Where can I find this video?
1 year ago

Where can I find this video?
12 months ago

How has anon_65IzVBQMW8Tak been able to spam this site as long as he has?
URLS that have dot gif in them, get read as an image source, ie:
www . gifmeat . com breaks when posted
@Operator OK, cool.

And in case you want it, the link that was the issue this time was to a post on a deleted question titled 'Orgy Video?? #354386' that seems to have been marked correct by the asker and then deleted/disappeared (and part of the url seems to be missing from my link also):

(DOT) com/post/354386-.html#473297

(compared to (DOT) com/post/354386-orgy-video.html#473297)
@bigzepper Ok I believe there is currently no problem. It may have been a glitch with notification system, while I was uploading. So if anything should popup again, screen it and try to get the post-id or some link, so I can trace it. Thanks for notifying it, I found couple of other bottle necks I will fix now.
@Operator In the drop down it says 'Followed post got solved' and on my notifications page it also says 'Post got solved which you were following' - so they agree with each other now.
@bigzepper You should have a notification right now for Emma Frain post. What does it say to you? Followed post got solved or Your post got solved?
@Operator OK, no worries, thanks for looking into it.
@bigzepper I'm not yet sure, what is going on. Because from your notifications it looks fine, but in the database it looks interesting. So I'm going to investigate this a bit and let you know. Either we both read something wrong or there is a bug somewhere.

No problem. Glad to be of service :)

Strange, in the drop down menu it said 'Your post got solved' but after clicking 'View all notifications' it did say 'A post you are following got solved'. Either way it's gone now, whatever it was (it still didn't link to anything), much appreciated.

Hmmmm...are you sure it wasn't "A post you are following got solved"? O_o In any case, like I told another user, to get rid of a faulty notification, just click "view all notifications" 2-3 times in a row, and it should disappear.
I'm not sure if this is due to said update but since yesterday I've had 'Your post got solved' flashing in my notifications despite never having posted a question (and the link doesn't even lead to anything).
I rewrote the user management system. So you guys can do a secure password recovery and login using your emails. Also there is emailing system in place and first email verification's have been sent out.

We will most likely release notifications to email feature soon.

Also posting session error bug is fixed now :)
@Anon_2dMDiLV2xt96Q well 9 is a bit on the edge. They are most likely visible in the thread section anyways. So you can prioritise on what you think users will like on that given moment.
Be subtle and within reason, there should not be any issues.

We don't simply delete user content without specific reason, usually related to spamming or very uncool content. We are more about warning first and keeping the community happy.
@Operator Ok, thanks :) But to be clear, is bumping all 9 of my threads at the same time within reason, or is that out of hand? Because that's what people said could get them deleted, since the homepage was almost completely filled with nothing but my threads. lol
@Anon_2dMDiLV2xt96Q pumping up your own posts within reason is OK. Just don't get too carried away and everything is going to be ok. If something is getting out of hand, we will contact and do a friendly warning.
@Operator and @Don Someone told me that we aren't allowed to "spam-bump" our threads on this site, which is when I post a comment in my own thread just so that it will appear at the top of the homepage again. I do this to 8 or 9 of my threads at a time so that they all will get more views on the homepage. Is doing this against the sites policy, or is it ok? I don't want to get in trouble, guys.
Ok ! Thanks for the info, but this is very annoying because many people are under level 5, so they cannot confirm.

That was happening to me, but it stopped after I reached level 5, so just grind until you reach level 5
Hi all, I have a question
I have a bug when I try to mark an answer as correct, when I try to, a message "loading hold on" appears and it remains like this. Is that just for me , or there is issues for everyone ?
And I feel that the site is very laggy , I have no problem with my connection.
Repost the same answer with proper tags and take the points. Direct a message to them asking them to tag, if you are feeling charitable.
@WorldsBestPorn Oh yeah, I've seen those. "My name is XYZ and click on my blog below!"

I've also seen an increase in people attempting to answer posts but not using tags properly. Not sure how we're gonna resolve that though, not without replying to every single such post and linking the page on proper tagging.

No problem, bro :) But yeah, this site has been having a real problem with spammers lately, so tons of posts are being deleted if they are found to be spam. That's probably why the post you were following got removed.
@WorldsBestPorn it got deleted? Dammit. Ah well, explains a lot. Thanks dude!

That happens when you follow a post that gets deleted, but someone posts in it before that happens. To get rid of the notification, just click "view all notifications" several (usually 2) times in a row.
Hi there, question.

I had a new notification alert saying that one of my posts had a new comment. When I tried to open it, the page post did not have any content. The usual NTP search bar at the top was present, the left menu was present. However, where a picture/vid would normally appear in a post, there is now a blank. No ads or links to other unsolved questions appeared either.

Tried posting the link here, this is what I see:
Auto.msg.: ntp.so/ - dead link
My question is... what happened here?

Also, the new notification alert finally disappeared, but it was lighted up for almost a week. Opening the post as per usual did not remove the alert, and it persisted even though I had logged off, reopened the browser, restarted my computer, etc. If this happens again in the future, how do I get rid of the alert?

Find your old posts? If you mean the questions you have asked in the past, then simply post the link to your profile. For example:

But obviously your username would be where mines is. Once you get to your profile, you can view all your past activity, even if you're not logged in.
Is there anyway that i can find my old posts although I am not logged in?
No doubt but if you look at the history s/he answered about 30 questions 2 days ago, all with an average bounty of 500 or more. Then they got a bunch of correct answers all in one chunk. Could be software assistance, could be unemployed, could just really love porn and mysteries.

It doesn't bother me much either way. It's fun to find stuff and the points are a bonus.
@fairlyghost I understand all that. But what about rohangarg271290, who's currently ranked #2 right now? That dude has been here for only 13 days, and he racked up 28k points in that short amount of time. Clearly, he doesn't have tons of months-old answers that suddenly got confirmed by mods to boost him that fast, because he hasn't even been here 1 month yet. You have to admit that something smells fishy O_O

Everything you need to know is here:
Hello, new here. Stupid question but how do I post and ask questions?
I answered you in the other thread but since you asked here as well I will answer. @KeyMasterOfGozer already covered most of it but I wanted to emphasize something you seem to be missing: admins may mark answers as correct in big batches so it's easy to get 10k points in one go if you've been answering questions consistently. So someone may have answered something a month ago but it could get marked correct in a batch with others from all different times making it look like they were all answered in 5 minutes. My answers get marked correct maybe once a week if I'm lucky. Some are still waiting to be marked from months ago. If you tag names and answer questions, they will get marked correct eventually so be patient and keep at it.

Thanks, I'll try all these tips out :)
If you wants more points go to the older pages, will find alot of repetitive answers that already are mark as correct.
You can use Yandex, Tineye, namethatpornstar reverse image search its more easier.
For one thing, it is extremely easy to find the 500+ high point posts. One the "Main Menu" to the left, there are links for:

1) "Show Scavenger Hunt" - This is a list of the oldest posts that have not yet been answered. The oldest posts by definition are the highest point ones.

2) "Show Bounty Posts" - This shows the posts that other people have added extra points to. Some of them are many thousands of points.

The Bounty ones are very hard, so I don't waste my time there, but it is easy to scan through the Scavenger hunt ones to find ones that you either know the actress, or the video, or is for some other reason you think you have some info that you can use to do a search and find the answer.

I assure you that all the posts I have made were from research I did. You can look at my activity log. I've definitely found answers to dozens of 500+ questions.

I guess because I posted to this this thread that I had lots of posts not marked correct, the admins must have gone through my list and marked a bunch, because I just got 6000 points from posts that I answered over the last 10 months that have been waiting to be approved.
@KeyMasterOfGozer I'm not saying that their answers aren't correct. I'm saying that it seems shady that they can:

1) locate so many questions that are 500pts or more, because I have only found 7 or 8 in about 4 months.

2) answer those questions so fast and with so much info. A little too much info, if you ask me.

3) get their answers immediately marked correct, when others have questions that are left unmarked for months.

I mean after all, there's a reason why those questions had 500pts to begin with, and that's because they were virtually impossible for anyone to answer for years, and yet somehow these guys can answer 10, 15, or 20 of them in a day like they're nothing? It just all seems very unlikely without some kind of help.
I don't know @Anon_2dMDiLV2xt96Q,

I just looked at @jayrising 's activity log. There is one section that says "12 hours ago" for me. That puts it in the time frame of 2016-12-07 8PM EST. I'm count him getting over 8000 points in that one hour.

You have to remember that you can target questions that give 500+ points for each one. I didn't check all of them, but I spot checked about 10 of the question he answered. All of them looked correct, and most contained Lots of information.

Maybe he is just better than you.

Also, there are many posts that I have answered a few months ago that have still not been marked "correct" yet, so I have not gotten the points for it. It is also possible that the Admins just got around to marking @jayrising 's posts as correct at that time. Maybe his posts were made a long time ago.
That's it, I'm calling shenanigans. How is it possible for someone to rack up 22,000 pts in just 7 days? I spend 2 hours a day answering dozens and dozens of questions, and the most I've ever gotten in a week is 3,375. To make it on the leader boards, I estimate that someone would have to spend over 8 hours a day doing nothing but answering questions on this site, because I simply can't come up with another logical explanation for how that are doing it. Either that, or they have learned some trick to game the system. Does anyone know their secret?

Why was my thread deleted this time?

Auto.msg.: ntp.so/ - dead link
It was simply a thread dedicated to anal sex scenes. Not TS sex scenes, just anal sex scenes, so why was it removed? Are anal scenes banned from this site too? Which they clearly aren't, so it makes no sense me why my thread needed to be removed. It didn't even contain any videos, pics or comments yet, since it was deleted mins after I posted it. I've found plenty of similarly themed threads, so I will now compare my deleted thread which was dedicated to anal porn to other threads that have not been deleted:

Here's one dedicated to cartoon porn, and it has not been deleted:
For Cartoon Porn Lovers
8 months ago

Here's one dedicated to public porn, and it has not been deleted:
For Public Porn Lovers
8 months ago

Here's one dedicated to sleeping porn, and it has not been deleted:
For Sleeping Porn Lovers
8 months ago

Here's one dedicated to cumshots, and it has not be deleted:
Great cumshots
8 months ago

Here's one dedicated to incest porn, which I'm pretty sure is illegal in a lot of places, but yet their thread has not been deleted:
Best Mom Son Taboo Porn Videos
7 months ago

Is it the anal that's getting my thread deleted? Well after doing a bit of searching, I found that there are 2 threads dedicated to anal in some way, and they have not been deleted either:

Who are the best anal loving pornstars?
9 months ago

Anal with a story
6 months ago
@Meliodas What do you mean get rid of it? If the link's dead, then just let it be dead.
how do i get rid of following the dead link as other people can see it but not me
Auto.msg.: ntp.so/ - dead link

I can understand that, but don't you think that sets a very dangerous precedent? Because you admit that none of those individual flags were valid enough to get my thread taken down, but simply because there were many of them from various users, then that means they must have been valid after all?

If there was no basis whatsoever, the thread wouldn't have been removed - no matter the number of flags. You were "on the line" with some of your posts but in a case by case basis the staff decided to turn a blind eye to your attitude, in order to allow the discussion to continue, but at some point it became too much and the staff had to draw the line somewhere.

Thank you. I will attempt to repost my thread simply informing people about your TS policy. It won't contain any violent GIF images, or TS content. I will post the link here in my message just in case it gets removed immediately like the previous 2.

Unfortunately, my request for you to hold that conversation in a respectful manner has apparently fallen on deaf ears. We'll allow it for the time being, but I feel like I have already explained every point raised by you in your thread over and over again in great detail. Why post the same exact thing again instead of revising it with the information that I have given you, if your aim is to "inform people" is beyond me.

Also, at this point, I'd like to ask everyone to take anything related to the subject to the TS thread created by @WorldsBestPorn

Why Are T-Gurl Posts Banned Here? (Discussion)
6 months ago

Thank you.

Thank you for your reply. You've been very helpful on this matter.

"People who originally posted the question can still mark answers correct."

That's a good point, so I apologize for that one. Technically, depending on their level, someone could post banned content, get it answered, and mark it as correct before the post is even flagged, much less removed. However, since the GIF in question had been answered 9 months ago, I assumed that at some point a mod must had at least stumbled upon it and had no problem with it. But I admit that I don't know for sure if that was the case.

"It is true that our moderators didn't find enough basis for a suspension/thread removal when it came to individual flags. But as the complaints from different users over a longer period of time kept coming - in the end it all added up and ultimately lead to the removal of your thread, not just the gif you posted."

I can understand that, but don't you think that sets a very dangerous precedent? Because you admit that none of those individual flags were valid enough to get my thread taken down, but simply because there were many of them from various users, then that means they must have been valid after all? Take a popular Youtube video about Atheism, for example. That video may rack up tons of flags from Christians who want the video taken down, even though it doesn't violate any guidelines. The same can be said about a Christian video getting tons of flags from Atheists. So should the videos be taken down due to the sheer amount of false flags they received? Absolutely not. My thread was controversial to some people, and that's the only reason it received those flags.

"If a discussion is held in a respectful and productive manner, there is absolutely no chance it will get removed by staff members."

I have to respectfully disagree with this, because I was respectful to nearly everyone in my thread. In fact, there were 16 comments in my thread, and 15/16 were in support of allowing TS content. The only one that was negative was the comment that @monohorn mentioned to you earlier. The comment compared TS porn not to only Bestiality (animal sex), but to child porn. In essence, comparing people who enjoy TS porn to pedophiles. That's right, this user compared the act of sex between 2 or more legal, consenting adults to child porn. Is there a "respectful and productive" way to respond to being labeled a supporter of child porn? I don't think so, and I responded to the user in the same manner as anyone would. On a side-note, the reason why I remember this user and his comment so well is because he is consistently in the top 10 leader boards. He has also made many other rude, inciting and disgusting comments like that to me before. I'm not trying to imply his high ranking has gained him favor with the staff, but I do know that I have reported many of his comments in the past, and none were ever taken down. In fact, a few months ago, I was actually suspended for responding to one of his rude, inciting and disgusting comments. I won't mention his name here, but that user is a follower of this thread, so I'm sure he's reading this and knows who he is.

"Again, as long as the thread is respectful towards the site, staff members and other users it will not be removed."

Thank you. I will attempt to repost my thread simply informing people about your TS policy. It won't contain any violent GIF images, or TS content. I will post the link here in my message just in case it gets removed immediately like the previous 2.

Why Are T-Gurl Posts Banned Here? (Discussion)
6 months ago

Got it, appreciate the clarification :)

We plan to add 3 main categories types (Straight/TS/Gay) Where users could set up their preferences when they sign up or in their profile settings - only selected categories will be displayed to the user. In addition, tags or sub-categories will be introduced. So people, can filter through various sub-categories, when looking for content.

We do hope to introduce various new features including content filtering during 2017, unfortunately we can't make any promises when it comes to deadlines since we work on this site in our free time and everyday maintenance takes a big chunk of it.

My question is, if a flag is submitted for "disgusting content", how does the staff evaluate and decide whether the content should be deleted?

It is highly subjective and moderators try to use their best judgement when making these decisions but as I said in my previous comment, no single flag/complaint was the deciding factor for the thread removal. It was the collection of flags received during a lengthy period of time, by a number of different users - with most of them addressing their concern/dislike over the OP's general behavior and hostile tone. If a discussion is held in a respectful and productive manner, there is absolutely no chance it will get removed by staff members.
I voiced my support for allowing TS content in @WorldsBestPorn's thread, but since it has been deleted I suppose that's a moot point.

Going forward, though, I do have 2 questions that I hope @Don can help clarify:

- You mentioned adding specific niches. This looks like an awesome feature, makes everything much easier to search. Is there any concrete plan/timeline for this, or is it something that isn't on the cards right now?

- You mentioned that one of the flags submitted for the deleted thread was:
"Posting disgusting things to prove a point please remove".

Unlike the rest about rudeness/hostility, this is extremely subjective. In this case, the nature of TS porn was enough to get some people offended; I remember one response in the deleted thread comparing TS content to beastality. I'm pretty sure that scat content or pics with captions suggesting incest will invoke similar feelings of disgust.

My question is, if a flag is submitted for "disgusting content", how does the staff evaluate and decide whether the content should be deleted?

"Somehow when a penis is attached to a woman's body that is somehow SUPER offensive to the staff. That doesn't make any sense."

I just want to make it very clear here: The staff is not against TS content, in fact we agree that it should be allowed on our site. But it has to be done the right way, slamming everything together unfortunately does not work - this is not an 'opinion', but experience, we tried it.

When we first launched, we originally allowed everything that qualifies under the word 'porn' - but it came evident rather quickly that solution won't work. So we decided to go with the mainstream type of porn initially and add specific niches later on.

EDIT: The situation you described should indeed be considered as a special case and be allowed on the site. We'll try to review each case separately, unfortunately when it comes to reviewing thousands of posts daily, occasionally mistakes do happen.

"Clearly, if a mod views the content, and marks it as correct without deleting it, then it is allowed on this site. Which means my GIF was also allowed."

Wrong. People who originally posted the question can still mark answers correct. Until a couple months ago, they could do so without any level limitations, even anonymous users, since the process was session based and not limited to a user account. In addition to that, auto-confirming was allowed in the past as well - meaning if a post received a certain number of confirms it was automatically marked as correct.

Aren't those suspendable offenses? Surely, had I posted hostile, insulting or rude comments to someone in my thread, then I would have been suspended for them, correct? But I wasn't, so that proves my comments were nothing like that, and that those flags were just people lying to get the thread taken down. And besides, as you stated earlier, the reason why it was taken down was due to an "violent/inappropriate" GIF, not any of their comment flags, which proves they were false anyway.

It is true that our moderators didn't find enough basis for a suspension/thread removal when it came to individual flags. But as the complaints from different users over a longer period of time kept coming - in the end it all added up and ultimately lead to the removal of your thread, not just the gif you posted.

I would love to, but I just explained that I uploaded 2 threads which were similar to my original one. Neither contained violent or even she-male images, and yet both were deleted in seconds.

Again, as long as the thread is respectful towards the site, staff members and other users it will not be removed.
I gotta side with @WorldsBestPorn here

Thank you for your reply. Let me respond to each individual allegation, because there were a lot of them made in your response:

"Posts containing extreme violence are not allowed, just because they have been posted on the site does not mean they are allowed"

I posted no such content. Like I said before, I posted a GIF of a woman being slapped, which was from an already answered post on this site. Clearly, if a mod views the content, and marks it as correct without deleting it, then it is allowed on this site. Which means my GIF was also allowed.

"Here are just some of the flags our users have submitted for your thread:

-Instigating hostility
-insulting others

Aren't those suspendable offenses? Surely, had I posted hostile, insulting or rude comments to someone in my thread, then I would have been suspended for them, correct? But I wasn't, so that proves my comments were nothing like that, and that those flags were just people lying to get the thread taken down. And besides, as you stated earlier, the reason why it was taken down was due to an "violent/inappropriate" GIF, not any of their comment flags, which proves they were false anyway.

-its not helpful discussion but him telling everyone else what he wants and everyone who disagrees gets downvoted or rude comments.

That flag is another lie. My thread never said I "wanted" anything. It simply asked the question if she-male porn should be allowed. And I have no control over people who don't support she-male porn being on this site being downvoted by someone who does, so how is that a valid flag? For example, I can't flag a thread dedicated to overweight blond women because I don't think it's necessary, or because people in the thread say mean things to me, or vote my comment down.

-posting comment then deleting it to bump his thread

I never did that, and more importantly, there would be no way for them to even know if I did, so how is that a valid flag?

"As for me personally, I just don't see the necessity for the thread. Since staff has already made it's decision regarding the issue and explained it's position on the matter."

It's necessary because at no point have you publicly stated your position on the matter. The only people who knew about it are people who follow this thread, or people who followed mines, which obviously is the overwhelming minority of the users on this site. That's why she-male posts are still continuously posted here.

"But if you feel there's something more to that needs to be discussed on the matter, feel free to make a new thread, as long as it's respectful towards the site, staff members and other users - it will not be removed."

I would love to, but I just explained that I uploaded 2 threads which were similar to my original one. Neither contained violent or even she-male images, and yet both were deleted in seconds. I still haven't received a reason why they were deleted, so I have no clue what to do differently to ensure that they won't be.

Posts containing extreme violence are not allowed, just because they have been posted on the site does not mean they are allowed. If you find something that is inappropriate, the right course of action is to flag the post.


Since it's creation, your thread has received troubling number of flags, most of them not against the TS subject, but in regards to your behavior/attitude and over 20 flags for 'unnecessary bumps'.

Here are just some of the flags our users have submitted for your thread:

- Instigating hostility
- spam bumping his thread
- inappropriate content
- posts shemale content
- Posting disgusting things to prove a point please remove
- inslting others
- rude
- dear staff please delete: its not helpful discussion but him telling everyone else what he wants and everyone who disagrees gets downvoted or rude comments.
- posting comment then deleting it to bump his thread

PS! We don't usually disclose flags, but it might be helpful for you, to know what to do differently next time when starting a discussion on something and to understand why the whole thread was removed.


As for me personally, I just don't see the necessity for the thread. Since staff has already made it's decision regarding the issue and explained it's position on the matter.

So again: TS content is not allowed for the time being, but will be allowed in future, when our platform has the ability to cater different content categories to different users.

But if you feel there's something more to that needs to be discussed on the matter, feel free to make a new thread, as long as it's respectful towards the site, staff members and other users - it will not be removed.
Thank you @KeyMasterOfGozer

Judging by the majority of replies I received in my now deleted thread, most people seem to feel the same way you do, which is they might not be interested in She-male porn at all, but they aren't offended by she-male posts on here either. But I don't know about you, but seeing a woman get slapped in the face does offend me, and yet that's allowed here.
@Don I have to agree with @WorldsBestPorn here. I have no particular interest in TS porn or penises in general, but there are plenty of penises shown on this site, most of the time attached to a man's body in a woman's face. Somehow when a penis is attached to a woman's body that is somehow SUPER offensive to the staff. That doesn't make any sense.

For instance, there was a post wanting to know the name of an actress in a gif. The gif was short and featured a girl on her knees in a POV shot from someone standing up in front of her. All you can see is the girl's face, shoulders and chest. She's in a french maid outfit. She looks down and the camera pans to a penis that she is obviously about to perform fellatio on.

I had no idea who this girl was, but this situation was intriguing, so I researched it and found that the was a video from a webcam Trap. So I answered the post saying that and as proof I gave link to her webcam channel. The whole thread was deleted shortly after.

I didn't know she was a Trap when I saw the gif, since you can't see her genital area. Probably the poster who posted it didn't know as well. Don't you think this is good information for the person to have? Knowing the actress was a Trap means I'm not interested any longer and I can move on. I see no reason why that should be offensive to anyone.

Information should be free (as in speech).

Thank you for your reply. I think I've been more than civil on this issue, Don. So your response makes very little sense to me. In regards to why my original thread was deleted, correct, I did post a GIF of a woman being slapped in the face with the caption of:

"THIS kind of thing is allowed on this site, but she-male posts get deleted?"

I assume that's the " violent/inappropriate content" that got my thread deleted, right? Fair enough, I accept that, but even though I find it odd that you could have simply removed the offending GIF post, but you chose to take down the entire thread instead. However, here's the ironic thing. You just proved me 100% right by doing that. Because if it was so violent and inappropriate that my thread just needed to be deleted, then why are GIFS of women being slapped still on this site?

What's the name of this porn actor?
1 year ago

And even worse, why are they allowed to be answered? Since my thread featuring the GIF was deleted, then shouldn't that have been deleted too? And what about my two other threads that got deleted in seconds? Neither contained violent/inappropriate content of any sort, Don.

The thread in question was removed because of repeated posts containing violent/inappropriate content (By the OP).

Staff has already explained it's position in regards to your question multiple times. If you're not willing to discuss the matter in a civil manner, your posts/threads will be deleted.
@Operator & @Don

Why Were My Threads FALSELY Removed and Why Was I Suspended for Trying to Repost Them?

Last week, my popular thread discussing why She-male related posts are banned from this site was deleted.

Auto.msg.: ntp.so/ - dead link
WHY? Threads are for discussions, are they not? It wasn't a she-male post itself, it was simply a thread DISCUSSING why they are banned, so why after 3 MONTHS and THOUSANDS of views was it suddenly removed? She-male posts NEED to be discussed, because they are popular on this site, (and on EVERY porn site), and people are not even being told that their she-male posts will be removed. THAT'S why I made the thread, simply to inform people. So yesterday, I tried to make a similar thread to INFORM people that she-male posts will be deleted, and this one was deleted literally SECONDS after I posted it. There's no way a human could have reported it that quickly, so thinking it was some kind of error, I simply tried to post another thread, and that TOO was deleted seconds after I did. So I assume you guys now have some kind bot that AUTOMATICALLY removes posts with the word she-male (but without the hyphen) in it, correct? That's why it got deleted so fast? Wonderful job not telling ANYONE about it, but still PUNISHING them for it. However, here's the worst part. Mins after my 2nd attempt at posting that thread failed, I was SUSPENDED for "spamming threads". Beautiful. So not only are you guys removing posts without telling people why, but you're now PENALIZING people for trying to post threads that in no way violate your terms of service. Look, I've been here for nearly 4 months. I've helped TONS of people answer their questions, and I was happy to do so. But I'm just about done using this site, because you're secretive rules, regulations and penalties are utter nonsense. I deserve an explanation for what happened to me, because I've done nothing wrong.

You're welcome :)
@WorldsBestPorn great, thanks! You've been an invaluable help. And I finally managed to find the full list of hosters, so I know what to do next.

It's fine :) But yeah, it's pretty much what you just said. This site has a limited number of hosters that it can render the videos from. Most of them are the popular tube sites like Pornhub and Xvideos, but Youtube vids work as well. Specifically, here's what they said about it:

How to ask a question
First off. We do not accept anything else but only media-links in the big-grey-posting-field. Media links are image-urls or supported tubesites aka. the "hosters" (you can find the full list of content hosters, who we support). Link from a hoster, can be either their embed link or basic page link. Submitter accepts ONLY URL's and nothing else. Remove all HTML or any other parameter around it. Example:

Good URL:

BAD URL: ?site=fooblabla

Good URL:


VERY BAD URL: hi guys, what is the name

NB! After we confirm that your media is support by us and we can render it on our site, then a dropdown will appear and you can add your questions details there.
We highly recommend to make a custom title for your question. Really put some thought into it, so it would stand out from the others. This way you will get the answer quicker. Long descriptions are your best friend. Describe where you found it and why are you asking this question. Make your post unique and kind people will give you answer faster. If you do a question, where there is no media-url, like we mentioned above, of the video you once saw.. Then use most highly relevant picture, that stands out of course. Otherwise nobody will check it out.

That last highlighted sentence is what I told you to do before. Just capture a pic, upload it, and post that instead. If you want to read the full article about how to post on this site, then click right here:

I'm sorry to be annoying but I'm not really tech savvy. I'm using an iPad and I just need to know how to post a detailed question. Sorry in advance.
@WorldsBestPorn oh I'm so sorry, I feel like a fool for getting your name wrong. :(

With regards to my original question, I suppose I could do as you said. What I'm looking for, though, is how to post a vid straight into the question. Something like this post:

full video and or name?
7 months ago

Or is it that it can only be done for vids hosted on certain sites (and Tumblr simply isn't one of them)?
Well that's because you forgot the "s" when you tagged my name. It's @WorldsBestPorn ;) But yeah, I see the problem you're having on Tumblr, so here's what you can do. Just take a snapshot of the video and upload it to a website like Tumblr or Twitter. Then copy the image link to the pic and paste that on this site instead. Once you do that, add the Tumblr link to the video in the info section. I did this one for you, so just follow the below post to be notified of the answer :)

Looking for Full Video
7 months ago

Thanks a lot! Here's an example:

Side note: Both times I posted here and tried to tag your name, it appears in black. Is this supposed to happen?
Auto.msg.: ntp.so/ - dead link
Why do I keep being notified about this blank post?

Well to be honest, I really don't use Tumblr that often, so I don't know how videos are posted over there or how it translates over here, so can you give me an example? Find something from there that you would like to post and then post the link on your reply. I'll take a look at it.
@xxxilluminaughty Until Level 5, you can't confirm answers. When I first joined, I remember confirming my own posts, but the functionality was taken away shortly after. I believe this is intentional to stop people from creating dummy accounts and confirming answers posted by their main account (thus leveling up the main account quickly). I know for sure you can't confirm other people's answers until Level 5.
I cant confirm any answers. It just says "Loading..Hold on".
@WorldBestPorn I mean, if I see a Tumblr post containing a vid and I want to find out more, how do I post it here to ask? Directly posting the permalink of the post doesn't work, and I can't figure out how to retrieve any other info on the vid that I might be able to use.

I have been posting pictures and GIFs from Tumblr, they work for me. Well, most of the time. Sometimes after I fill in the question and try to post it the page loads and my post isn't captured.

From Tumblr? Do you mean an actual video, or a GIF? Because to post a video, just copy the URL in paste it in the search box. The same can be done for GIFS, but this site can have issues with them sometimes. I've only been able to post GIFS from only a handful of websites. All others fail to post.
Hi all! First, awesome site. Had so many of my questions answered... Practically a near-religious experience.

One question I had for a while is... How do I ask a question using a vid? Typically from tumblr, but videos in general. I can't seem to find the info on this...
I've confirmed answers before. Now it just says ''Loading, hold on...''

You have to be at Level 5 or higher to confirm answers, even on the questions you ask, apparently.
For some reason, I can't confirm answers as correct on my own questions..the button just won't work

I know this, but even though I unfollow, I keep getting notifications from here and it's annoying.

Make sure "auto-follow when commenting" isn't checked in your settings. If it is, then you automatically follow everything you comment in, whether you want to or not.
What's the line with true amateurs/one and dones when a name is asked for à la GDP/MomPOV? It's just I've got a lot of confirmed answers which haven't been marked correct but also quite a few that have, so I was just wondering where the distinction lay.

Also, I've got numerous properly tagged answers (plus videos when required), with multiple confirms that have been deleted from the confirm thread without having been marked as correct (see my mega post in the 'keeping track of answers' thread) and I'm not sure why.

Any info would be much appreciated, thanks.

Yeah, the spam filter is definitely on the fritz. I posted a link FROM THIS SITE to answer a question and even THAT was auto-marked as spam O_O
Our automatic spam filter is causing the issue, for some reason. It will be fixed shortly. Thank you guys, for notifying us.

thats not the point guys, i did this even before you suggest, but i want to know if they are indeed blocked and why, maybe viruses and spam?

and liking or not, the edit method that we are doing is wrong
Came to say the same and it seems to work.
Workaround: Try making a post without link. Then edit the post and paste the link.
hey boss did u updated the list of sites that are not allowed?

im trying to answer as usual using sites like hqcollect and pornohub and im receiving the message "content not allowed"

this will make our task more difficult... :(

Thanks, I'll try flagging.
This site is awesome, it's totally perfect!
@lurker I often flag posts with dead links. If the post is removed, one is awarded 10 points.
I think there should be the option to mark/flag post for removal - lots of old questions are dead links to videos. There is no chance to answer them.

gr8 fucking idea m8
You could require login, then have a "Post Anonymously"
checkbox. That would allow someone to post something they were embarrassed about, or didn't want to be associated to them, but it would still allow the admins to take action if the post was Flagged for SPAM or some other reason. Not that it's hard for a spammer to create extra email accounts, and use those to make free accounts here.

It's about time we ended the use of anon accounts on this site for this exact reason. It literally takes about 30 seconds to make an account, so I still have no clue why people even use them OTHER than to spam.

Could anybody stop this guy? anon_5du0Bn93bgBcw. He's been spamming and adding clic bait links in several posts. It's rather annoying and distracting from getting a real answer.

More spammers, in addition to innumerable poor quality and one-off anon posts, should yet again make the case for requiring users to register. And, as has been said before, a tutorial on how to format answers should be a part of registering. I'm confident that I'm not the only one who's frustrated at the sheer number of answers that aren't formatted.
hey boss we have another spammer here


Glad I could help you out. To repay me, would you mind heading over to my profile and checking out my "Followings" to see if you can answer any of 'em? ;)

Try clicking on "View all notifications" 4 or 5 times in a row. Sometimes I click on a notification, and even though I clicked it, and stays there until I click "View all notifications" repeatedly. It's really annoying.
I have this notification error, that says someone commented on my post, but when I click the notification it takes me to a blank page, but the notification won't go away.
If there is a period in a tag it triggers the URL warning and you can't properly tag the name. For example, I can't tag: nympho.michelle
I see that there are text based questions but I can't post one it says text based questions are currently unavailable , Why is that? And what can I do about it?

Are you still having the GIF problem? Because I was too until just recently.

Yeah, that's the downside of following a ton of posts. I was lucky to discover this early on. The problem is that every time you comment on one, you auto-follow it, so if someone doesn't know that, they would be following thousands of posts in a very short time. So I would suggest any new users reading this comment to go to their settings and turn that off like I did. Only MANUALLY follow posts. I've been on here nearly 3 months, and I'm only following a little over 100 posts, so it's easy to keep track of them. Unfortunately for you, you have followed thousands of posts, so the only current solution to your problem will be to go through it and unfollow all the ones that have been answered, but that would take forever :/ So what this site could do for users like you is create a filter, so here's my suggestion for the staff:

Every time you go your Followings, there should be an option to see all, to see just open, or to see just answered.

If they did this, you would still have a ton of posts to go through, but it could cut the amount of time you would spend doing it by 75%, since most posts are still open
@dudeinla why don't you just favorite the post you want to keep going to and just use your favorites folder.
@WorldsBestPorn Right, but that's much more frustrating than what I'm asking; having to scroll through 1000s of unanswered to go to one I happened to remember. Improvements are a good thing, not something to avoid or fear.

They already have that option too. Simply go to your "Followings". There it will have everything you have followed, and the ones that have been answered since you followed them will say "Answered" in big green letters.
@WorldsBestPorn That's not what I'm talking about. I mean things I've followed in the past that have been solved and the notification has gone away.
I can not create topics!
Creating questions and level up photos?

They already have that option. It's called image search. Every time you follow something, use image search to see if it has already been answered. The only problem is that it doesn't work for GIFs.
An option to see what we are following that has been answered already.

When the staff is marking posts as "Correct", I understand that you guys give higher priority to posts that have the correct markup items in the comment (Name,title, video link, pictures, confirms, etc.) To me, this implies that you have some sort of filter to see those attributes.

As someone who would like to help out my fellow researchers, it would be helpful if we that can "Confirm" could get access to a similar filter. It might make it easier for us to Confirm if we can get a list of the posts that likely need a confirm. It seems hard to depend on "Please confirm these" threads.
@Jackenough I feel you. My suggestion is to use your discretion. That is the magic of a crowd sourcing site. You are using your human intelligence to work on small pieces of data to make a smarter whole data set.

If you don't feel that someone has posted enough info, then you should post to tell them to give more, or you should put the info in yourself. I, for one, will often mark a better researched post confirmed over an earlier one that seems to not show me any proof.

If someone just puts a name, or a link down with no other information, then, as someone who must do a confirm, they are forcing me to do research to see if they are correct or not. No thanks! If I have to do the research anyway, why should I confirm for them? I'll just make a post with the correctly formatted full info, and trust that more people will confirm my post instead, or at least, when people later look at the post, the correct info will be there. Or if the poster is a low level poster, I will send a note for them to fix their formatting, and then I will confirm them, so they can get to level 5 as quickly as possible.

Of course, you are correct, that there are some people who will simply mark everything they see as confirmed without even looking in order to just get some points. This, unfortunately leads to some false positives. My thoughts are that people who care should just attempt to mark those entries as best we can to try to get the info as correct as possible. This is the downside of crowd sourced data... you can never know how corrupt the data is.

I think having SOME info is better than NO info, so my advice is just to roll with it, and do your best. There are always jerks in the world trying to game the system. There's not much you can do about that besides just trying to do your best to keep it as correct as possible.
I agree with you but I can only accept the site for what it is since I'm just a guest. There is a reason they already explained: they haven't developed the categories / filters for other types yet but plan to eventually. Ask @Don and @Operator to add that info to the help pages (that most people don't read closely). No one else here can do anything about.

Answers need to be approved by mods. They tend to be approved in big batches since they are done by hand, usually within a week.
I have a dozen finds I haven't gotten points for. Why do points come so randomly?
I get that, but it's like someone said to me earlier when I first brought up this topic:

"This site is called NameThatPorn, not NameThatSTRAIGHTPorn..."

So if that's the the direction they want to go, then they will be cutting out a huge chunk of their community for no good reason, especially since you admit that it doesn't even bother you, and I bet it doesn't even bother most people. But it's their site, and they can do what they want. I only ask that they make it clear to everyone that TS Porn is banned, so people won't waste their time posting about them, and answering those questions.
That's all well and good but @Don said earlier that gay & TS content will get removed until there are filters account for it:

"As our site caters to predominately straight porn audience, TS/Gay content will get removed - at least until we find a way to categorize questions. "

So while I agree with you, and it doesn't bother me personally, it's not where the site is currently.
"I for one Don't wanna see Any Chicks with Dicks, or Guys Turd-Packin, PLEASE don't start!!!! He can take his 1.5 % somewhere else. I turn that Shit off right away"

Well I for one am sorry to hear that you watching a guy with a hard dick pound some chick doesn't bother you at all...but for some odd reason, watching a chick with a hard dick pound some chick hurts your precious little eyes. But newsflash, if doesn't really matter what you like, or even what I like. It matters what the COMMUNITY likes, and since the community continues to post TS questions and threads, (that QUICKLY get tons of views and follows), then that proves it's something the COMMUNITY wants to see. And even if this sites continues to ban it (for really no good reason), then how hard would it be to PUBLICLY state that, instead of simply deleting popular TS posts and threads without ever giving a reason to the OP?
Where is my thread gone and why did it get deleted?

This one:
Auto.msg.: ntp.so/G68PRGCA7OF5H - dead link

Moderator Edit

@Settembrini , we cant have thread for every movie on this site, it just wouldnt make any sense.
For frequently asked questions please use FAQ thread.

Bookmark Thread for FAQs
1 year ago

If you have any more questions about this subject, please refer to @Don

Own Edit

OK, so you may want to delete these threads also:

Switching Teams: Part 1
8 months ago

Switching Teams: Part 2
8 months ago

Ryan Smiles Rides a Voyeur
8 months ago
so, we need some more buttons to filter straight, gay and TS porn...
yea it is cause they need to do something about it
Is this TS issue even a staff topic?
so guys about the TS issue i dont have any problem with it there is a lot of people that like this stuff i think you should give it to them
While we're on the subject of new features:
A Remove ANSWERED button for my Following list would be a great relief...
I think I'm getting an spam.
I have two notifications. I click in both and then I'm get pages with nothing. I can't even unfolow
I for one Don't wanna see Any Chicks with Dicks, or Guys Turd-Packin, PLEASE don't start!!!! He can take his 1.5 % somewhere else. I turn that Shit off right away
Where are my threads gone and why did they get deleted?

This one (and the four threads that were listed in there):


Bookmark Thread for FAQs
1 year ago

Ah, I see :) I'm looking really forward that bookmark tab!
Thank you guys...

Thing to keep in mind here is that this site is not a finished product yet. We are still in the BETA stage of development.

So in the future, there will be 3 main content type categories: 1) Straight; 2) TS; 3) Gay (Users will be able to select which categories they wish to see in their profile settings)

But until then, we sort of have to operate under blanket rules, which obviously is bound to make some users, such as yourself, unhappy.

When we first launched, we originally allowed everything that qualifies under 'porn' - but it came evident rather quickly that solution won't work. And we had to choose between one or the other. So we decided to go with the mainstream type of porn initially and add specific niches later on.

I hope you understand our position a bit better now.
It's Chinatown, @WorldsBestPorn
@Operator A question regarding Shemale posts:

Recently, I posted a thread dedicated to answering posts specifically about TS (Shemale) performers, since I noticed hardly any of those types of posts ever received answers. I was quickly informed by another user in the thread that he had answered posts about TS performers in the past, but as soon as he did, not only was he NOT awarded the points, but the post was promptly deleted along with performer's index profile. When he questioned a mod about this, he was told something to the effect of "this site caters to straight people, so all TS/Gay posts will be deleted until we come up with a way to sort them." Well first of all, TS porn is NOT gay porn, since the majority of people who watch it are actually STRAIGHT, so I have no clue why they would classify them together like that, but no sooner than I read the user's reply to me is when the actual TS thread I created was ALSO deleted promptly. No explanation. No notification. No procrastination, and no other type of "ation" you can think of. No anything except a 404 error page O_O Now, if I didn't read that user's post informing me about what happens to TS related content on here literally seconds before my thread was deleted, then I would have had NO CLUE why it was even removed, because (and correct me if I'm wrong), NOWHERE on this site does it say TS porn is banned. In fact, specifically it says the only banned content are "minor, kiddie, lolita, underage, illegal, unlawful, harassing, harmful or offensive" content. So where does TS porn fit on that list? Basically, the reason why I'm making this thread is to hear from people like YOU. Should TS porn be allowed here? I believe so, because like I said before, it's VERY popular among straight men, and this site CLAIMS to cater to straight people. According to Pornhub, "Shemale" porn searches rank about 20th, which is 1.5% of Pornhub's total searches. That may not sound like a lot, but considering that amateur porn (which IS allowed on this site) is ranked at 2%, it's clear that shemale porn is doing quite well in comparison. I understand that being able to filter out straight from TS from gay content is a good feature to have for a site, but UNTIL this site has it, why should fans of TS porn be PUNISHED without any explanation to why? So if you're a fan of TS porn, or hell, even if you're NOT, but have no problem with it being on this site, then PLEASE post your opinion below. The only way this will change is if people like you speak up and be heard. Thank you for reading all this. It took me damn near an hour to type it all. lol
@Operator It would be great if you could create notifications for new messages.
I suggest creating a notification history
How does someone become a moderator to confirm other posts answers?
I usually upload videos through xvideos. It always gets "No Preview" , is there a way to change that ?
kenkashi323 confirms this as correct.
This is mentioned a few times in this thread and in the Help section. You need to link directly to the image file itself. So the url should end in ".gif".

Fake example:
http // www.imagehost.com / some_image.gif
You don't get the points until the question is marked "Correct".

Confirms are good because they bump the question up the approval queue, or gives you a better chance of being marked correct, but everything still needs to be manually marked "Correct" by a moderator.
why i not get the point after comfirm?

I can't upload gifs, no matter where I upload them. I always get the error "We do not support normal links in this field. You can type your question and add the link in the additional informatsion box. #NTPE0104" If I just type my Question wanting to add the gif later it says: Currently text based questions are not supported. Include some media.

Please help
I'm aware of those sections thanks. None of those are specifically in the range of 450-700 pts. Can you filter by points? It's just weird to have 30-40 posts approved that have a very similar point range.
No doubt. I've never even seen questions with 700+ points attached to it but that user got 450-700 point answers in a huge bunch.

I've only ranked in the top 10 if I happen to catch the "approval bus" at the start of the month.
I'd like to know how Somebody (no names) can get 32,300 points within Hours of the Beginning of the month cycle? I know you've been backed up, but I Gotta say that's an Unfair Slap in the Face to Every Member here, whose ONLY Consulation Prize is a spot on "The Board." How did U miss all those posts, for Months, until Today? Very Suspicious
I don't, and did not. Half a dozen retries and it still comes up.
@JackDstrippa doesnt the message tell you everything you need to know? Don't put links between nametags?
Okay, thanks for the answer.
I can't answer posts. This message keeps popping up:

We have seen alot of misusage of the tagging system lately. So we made this, to stop this corruption in our database.

Name tags are for pornstars names!
movie title tags are for movie TITLES only!

DO NOT! Put links between tags!
Why on earth would you put an URL there?!?!? o.0

Read the Help page, pretty please :)"

No. There is no guide to the points and the mods have stated they don't plan to share the levels. They may in the future.
Can anyone tell me at what amount of points do you level up each time? Thanks.
@DUduDU123 URL doesn't automatically mean its media. If its not a link to supported embed video or image, then its not media.

@axelcapo name tags sadly cannot be automatic. It was the first thing I looked into, when name tags were added. Margin for errors, was very high.
How do i post a video? Copied the URL but says that it needs a media :/
can names tags be automatic?
and can you make the search works with gifs?

Ok, that makes sense. Maybe it should be mentioned in Help section?
Anyway, I apologise for offending the tags system :)
I have a lot of answers that that aren't marked correct even one where a member marked correct but i got no points...
I literally just answered this two posts ago.

Post a link to a supported video host or a direct link to an image.
Okay i cant ask auestions when i post a link it gives me an error code and when i go to type the question it says text based questions arent supported and to add media? Wtf?
Please note that if a tagged name doesn't have a correct answer attached to it yet, it will stay black (Instead of the regular pink) until your/or some other answer with the same name will be marked as correct.

We added gotporn.com to our supported players list. But I see that your question has been answered. Let us know if you still need that/or some other source link changed.
Read the Help. You need to find the video on one of the "supported hosters". Read this Help entry:

Find the video on one of those supported hosts (or upload it to one of them) and paste the url into the question box.
Yes, that's why I written that " 50% of my answers aren't tagged properly". Simle math tells you that another 50% is ok.
Also, I can't edit or delete my own posts... I get: "not your post, bro", which is obviously a lie ;)
Guys, what the hell is wrong with tags? About 50% of my answers aren't tagged properly.
Hey guys! How do I make a Thread???
I've been looking for a video of Rachel Starr and some blode girl that ends in a foursome wuth two dudes.
I searched in every way that I could and could find nothing.
How do I do the thread to find that video and how it works?
What is the recommended way to update a URL on a post? HardSexTube changed the domain to GotPorn ... so the video still exists but I can't update the URL. I know why that is but what is the best way to communicate it? I tried flagging but was rebuked.

Who is the young girl with the dreads from 21sextreme?
2 years ago

New url:
www. gotporn .com/young-girl-seducing-granny/video-3825193

Yes, moderation has been backed up for the past 2 weeks, but will be back to normal tomorrow.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Are all of you guys busy now? I have more than 10 answers waiting to be marked correct.
Previously it took somewhat one week.. Now, my answers are left unmarked for the past three weeks.
If this continues, I feel no incentive to spend time here..
hey, umm how do I make a thread I really want to know the name of a porno. Please help :)
There is supposed to be an auto-confirm for complete answers that runs, but it's based on a few parameters. It's not totally accurate.

The problem with an auto-confirm based on X parameters is that people could just game the system and get approved answers that aren't right. I agree it's a good idea of there is a way to prevent false positives, which is what the admins tried to do with the auto-confirm.

Not trying to dismiss your suggestion because it's a good one and one I agree with ... just letting you know the history / discussion we've had about the topic.
There is no number of confirms that triggers a post to be solved. AFAIK all the answer approval happens manually by the admins. Confirms can bump a post up the approval queue, but it doesn't automatically approve posts.
Read the FAQ. It's described in there how to post a question. Basically you need to post an image URL (ie. url that ends with "someimage.jpg", as an example) or a video link to one of the supported video hosts (which are listed). If you don't have a direct image link, or video from an approved source, then you can't post a question.
I want to delete post that i dont want on my page
How do I make a post on here ? I'm trying to ask a question about a scene
@kpupu i see,you're right,my bad.
@Vlad20 on my own post i can see the "mark as correct" option, on other posts i can't

Must be lvl 5 or higher to confirm any posts as mentioned here:
How can I confirm on my own post? I press "mark as correct", but it's just stuck on "loading, hold on.."
Trying to upload this gif for some time few days back,but failed. May i ask what the size limit to gifs are for posting?
Why are all my videos getting a no preview??
How do I post a picture I have saved to ask who that is? Not a link just a screenshot i have.
is there a way to stop the "Video No Preview" in questions?
@BJ101 Upload it to xhamster.com or xvideos.com
Is there some way to tell if an answer has been mark as correct by the site moderator or by the original user?
How to upload a video in my PC.I tried uploading through dropbox link but it doesn't work.Please someone tell me a way to upload it.
That is helpful but that should really be done on the backend. 99.9% of people are not going to go through the trouble of encoding URLs. Most don't even tag names. @Operator is taking a principled stand which I respect but it still leaves broken URLs strewn about the site.
How is the point system? what is the scale
hey boss whats the size limit of gifs to upload?

im trying to upload 2 here (60mb and 20mb) and i am receiving that box 'loading hold on' witch lasts forever
The properway to post that URL that you listed is:

an @ sign from flickr can be substituted with %40

You can find many sites to help you properly encode a URL like this one here:

I pointed that earlier in this thread but @Operator said:
"I don't want to support non-standard characters in URL's, as they are not valid URL's."
URLs with some special characters aren't parsed correctly. URLS with @ like flickr urls and () are some.

How do i post questions? What is her name?
Copy the image url ... should end in PNG, JPG, or GIF then paste it into the box at the top of the page.

Did it for you:
What's the name of this porn actor?
11 months ago

(now answered!)
I can't post for some reason could u tell me who is this
You put square brackets around the name. The instructions are in the text box every time before you type,
NinNin confirms this as correct.

users below level 5 cant mark questions correct
I have said this earlier, am saying again..
I can't mark answers as correct in my questions.. "Loading, hold on" is taking forever..
Will you please look into this?
Chloe Amour, Dillion Harper & Who? Source?
1 year ago

Where can I find this video?
11 months ago
recently some of my answers say i require name tags how do i put those in, i usually just type the name of the model and thats worked before
@Operator i was wondering if it were possible to post multiples of the same photo, because i've tried to repost a picture, (even hosted on various file-sharing sites), and i haven't been able to get it up. it just keeps redirecting me to the original post, where i had saved the image from.

What's the name of this porn actor?
11 months ago
@Operator If the questions I posted didn't get answered for a long time, Is there a way to make them get answered by putting them back at the front page or any other way, Because lots of my questions were not answered and the people answering questions can't see them anymore because those questions are way back
Torrents are accepted as a last resort, when streaming and regular download hosts and links are not available. If you're keen to use torrents make sure they are still seeding.
NinNin confirms this as correct.
What is the stance on torrents here?
Please make it so that the source link opens in new tab rather than new window, and also that the source link is visible upon hovering.
Can you guys please make a "sponsored" tab. And show the names or videos of all the images or gifs used as sponsors? I've been looking for 1 in particular for a while with no luck!
Could you please make reverse image search work with gifs?
bubba37 and NinNin confirms this as correct.
@alejandrometh That's a fantastic idea to add an ANSWERS tab. For those of us who are frequent contributors, it's difficult to say the least to keep track of our answers.
bubba37, alejandrometh, fairlyghost, BrettVet and gonzoparegorica confirms this as correct.
Will their be a special gay section
It would be very useful to add an ANSWERS tab on the Profile bar, to be able to see the thumbnails of every answer of your own just like the Following and Favorites tabs. It's faster than going through the list over and over again. And it should be optional to make it public or not.
NinNin confirms this as correct.

We don't have any records in our database indicating that such posts have been deleted. Can you provide more information (link? date & time?).

I recently answered three bounty questions on Natasha Shy worth 362, 153, and 152 points, respectively. All three posts were inexplicably deleted and I was not awarded the points. What is the reason?
I would like to see the possibility to catagorise the requests for awnsers so if you are an "expert" on a catagory you can awnser those questions instead of scrolling through all the crap you dont know.
I'd like to be able to do the following:

Go through my activity page, see which users accepted my answers and answer more questions from this users to reward them for marking things correct.
This would be both good for me, since a user who bothered to accept a correct answer once, will probably do so again.
It's also good for the site, since it will train questioners to mark the good answers they receive as correct and will make the solvers feel more rewarded as well.

Two things are preventing this workflow.
1) There is no way to tell if an answer was accepted by an admin or by the user himself. The user's activity still reads as "X accepted an answer Y." Could you please make these two cases have some sort of different indicators, either in the activity list or on the question page itself.
2) The list of a user's questions in his profile is a very, very inconvenient way to see what question to answer next. It doesn't indicate which ones have been answered. It doesn't show the pictures involved. I have to click on a dozen of questions at a time to figure out which one to solve next. What is needed is a page like "followings" but only for a user's own questions. It would be frankly much more convenient, since I've never figured out why I would want to look at another user's Followings page.

Is it possible to resolve these issues?
@BJ101 as far as I know the questions which is not solved for a long period of time is changed automatically into bounty questions. So I don't think we make a bounty questions, it is made automatically.
1) What is "Bounty Questions"?
2)How to make my questions a "Bounty Questions"?
Using tags is an excellent idea. It would make searching for content much easier. As it is, unless you know a name or title, it's a crap shoot at best.

I'd like to suggest using some tags or adding some categories using #sharps?

It could help make the web more sorted and also the users, 'cause I have overview of BDSM, bondage and not of other categories, so it would be also a little help for users to apply in their favourite sort of porn ;)
I'm hoping this Russian mirror of the Name That Porn site has our Operator's blessing, and no one is pulling a fast one:

I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to make a suggestion for a new feature, but I'll give it a shot.

It would be nice if there was a better way to "link" posts to the same thing so we can make sure that if a post is answered in one place, the answers or comments can be seen across all the similar posts.

For instance, in these posts:
Where can I find this video?
1 year ago
Is there only one video of her?
2 years ago
Her name,is there only one video of her?
2 years ago
What's her name? I can't find her name anywhere.
1 year ago
Auto.msg.: ntp.so/ - dead link
What's the name of this pornstar?
2 years ago

They all are asking about the same pornstar and same video. None of them have an answer yet, but if someone happens to come across one and answers it, all of the people following the other similar posts will never know there has been an answer.

The simple way would be to merge them together, but I don't think that would necessarily be the best way, since there is only one picture per post, but in this case, there could be possible 3 or 4 different photos of the same video that could help someone track it down. It would be helpful to not lose the extra info.
NinNin confirms this as correct.
Could you please make reverse image search work with gifs?

Here's a scenario that comes up quite often:
I find a source for a gif, I would like to quickly check this site and enter the answer into any threads here that ask about the same gif. However, since I can't search your site by gifs, I would have to extract the first frame of the gif into a jpeg, reupload it on the web and then reverse image search using it, and it's too much bother. Make your RIS work with gifs, and not only would it make all the work that solvers do to answer gif questions reusable, it would help your site get more answers as well.
Chloe Amour, Dillion Harper & Who? Source?
1 year ago

I can't mark the answer as correct! Loading, hold on.. is taking forever.. Why?
@Operator Thank you for your reply. Does TS and gay content have the same audience?
@NinNin - We credited your account with +362 points.

As our site caters to predominately straight porn audience, TS/Gay content will get removed - at least until we find a way to categorize questions.

However, we always try to award the points, if an answer has been already posted before removal.
Yesterday I answered a bounty question worth 362 points on TS performer Delia Delions only to find the post deleted today. I was not awarded points and I am perplexed that all Delia Delions content has been removed from this site, including several of the posts I had answered. What is the reason?
A couple of weeks ago I forgot my password and almost lost my account. Miraculously I remembered and got in... You need to implement a "Password recovery" system ASAP

Thank you for notifying us. We corrected the posts in question.

To challenge a correct answer, you can either flag the post and post your argument in the comments (If you're above level 5) and/or contact us through one of the two staff threads.


We'll see if we can come up with a solution for frequently posted questions. The featured section initially served that purpose, but as the questions listed there are defined by views - it shows the most "searched for content", instead of questions that are posted more often.
This may be something for further down the road, but I am seeing many posts where someone posts an answer, and it is is accepted as the "Correct" answer, but someone could post better evidence that show it is indeed NOT the correct answer.

It would be really nice to be able to change that "Correct" marking, or in some instances show that there is some debate as to the best answer.

For instance in this post:
Who is she??
3 years ago
The poster says "These random links says it's this girl". It gets marked as Correct. When we get inevitable reposts of the same picture, someone else comes along and posts a link to this post and says it's this girl again. The repost gets the same answer and again marked as "Correct", but it's easy to see, the evidence in the original post was circumstantial at best.

Later, someone else does some extended research as I did in this post (I didn't know about the original post at the time) :
1 year ago
I feel I made an extremely compelling argument that it is not the girl that the other people were guessing.

I don't know, I guess it is fair enough if someone can continue to post dissenting opinions after.

Also, the site gets a lot of reposts. I think we need a better method of linking similar posts, so that changes or posts in one get some sort of "notice" on the other.
how do i ask a question on this site on mobile?
Consider adding a section under the Main Menu that lists the most frequently posted questions. Users may then refer to this section to see if their question has already been answered.
It was supposed to be the featured section.

@Operator Thank you for your answer. The point of the featured section was not clear to me (consider renaming), nor does it appear to reflect the most frequently posted questions. Ideally, this should be a dynamic section, subject to weekly updates.
I pray for your soul PHunter403!
@PHunter403 while ive never noticed this site to take a official stand on its content orientation. however, the community is 99.99% straight. im sure there will be a gay,ts,transgender,lumbersexual version of NTP soon.

and i do know, that its unfair that lesbian porn is consider to be straight while TS isn't, but at the end of the day...
Consider adding a section under the Main Menu that lists the most frequently posted questions. Users may then refer to this section to see if their question has already been answered.
It was supposed to be the featured section.

Most likely there was a link, that is unacceptable due to spamming. Some of you guys don't remember, but these xmovies4you and porndish guys, when they started off, they leached on our site and spammed their crap to everywhere. We banned these links almost from the start of this site. Sadly, these sites somehow due to spamming got ranked and now everybody thinks they are legit sites. Well, we never forgive to spammers and no site ever will be lifted from our rock solid spam list.

How do i renew my post ?
There should be an edit button, if there isn't then gain more level and that will be unlocked.

How many points are needed to attain each level?
And what are the privileges associated with each level?
At the highest level, we should obtain free outcall with the girl of our choice.

Points and levels are dynamic and for each level you need more and more points. Its a bit complicated, but maybe one day I will publish the math and some of you guys can work out the points between levels :)

My new posts still gets published with my old username, not my current one!! Pls fix that
Its a cache problem. And I hate to say this, but I got no clue why it happens.. there is no reason for it, its just part of black magic that sometimes goes on here. I'll do a cache refresh on global service and it will be fixed.

they are not; almost everytime i check the unsolved questions on the right, i can see on thumbnails an gay/shemale content

i respect your choice, but there is a lot of "traps" in this site lol
Consider adding a section under the Main Menu that lists the most frequently posted questions. Users may then refer to this section to see if their question has already been answered.
I'm trying to post an answer on this thread:
1 year ago

It seems to time out and never post. I am, however able to post on other threads.

The text I'm trying to post (in case that makes a difference):

Ok ,I am deleting that text, since this post is also not posting. Let's see if this gets through?

Edit: Ok ,that got through, so my guess is there is something in the text, but there is nothing weird that I can see. Is there some way I can send you the text to see if there is something strange?

Edit 2:
I pasted the text, then cut the text of the link out. That posted fine, then I edited the post and pasted the link back (the same text I had just cut, no edits) and that submitted fine. Dunno, maybe there is something to look at there?
How do i renew my post ?
How are the points offered for an ID decided?

like described in the page, put it in the top box of the page where it is written 'paste the url of image...' and don't need to worry about supported hosters, if it is supported it will be embedded, else it will display the link. so, anyway your questions will be submitted and people will try their best to find solution.
how can i post a thread keep trying but can't seem to find out how even the help page doesn't say much about the "content hosters" supported
How do I post a new thread? I can't figure out how to please help!
@Operator@Don My new posts still gets published with my old username, not my current one!! Pls fix that

Like this one:

Where can I find this video?
1 year ago
Where can I find this video?
1 year ago

etc etc etc
@Tyrion1 , @Uromyias_agilis

Good suggestion. We'll try to come up with a solution to filter the questions by request.


Our moderators reviews the confirm thread on a daily basis, and remove posts that have been checked in order to keep the thread effective and easy to manage.

If your post has been deleted but your answers haven't been marked as correct - then it's probably because the answers were seen as "incomplete".

Meaning: If a video is requested by the OP, then just a name/scene information isn't sufficient to consider the question solved. Some sort of video content is needed.

Also it's important to note that we DO NOT expect you to post torrent links/pirated content. But there's plenty of 'free' video content available on sites such as xhamster, xvideos etc, uploaded by the producers themselves. The rule of thumb is that a 5+ minute clip is seen as enough to mark the question solved.

We understand that this system isn't ideal and we'll address these issues on our development for the newer version. (Because name and scene information is often much more important in solving the questions, than searching for the video file)

Thank you for all your answers and patience.
Exactly the same here @Tyrion1

And I've got the same problem as @bugger_01 as well. Answers with 5 confirms still stay open. I've posted my open answers in the request confirms thread, but it sometimes disappears from there. Am I using it in a way I shouldn't?
Hi guys,

Just adding my two cents. I am happy to help people ID porn that they want more info on, but it seems to me that 90% of the requests are for video links. I don't really want to help people find torrent links.

Again, would rather just help ID people. It would be nice to have a link to show only ID request, kinda like how you have the 'show open only' link.

Just a thought. I realize it might not be possible,
@Don - The bounty was 322 to be exact. And, what does it mean by "non-suitable"?

If the post was deleted, it was probably deemed non-suitable by the moderators.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We added +294 points to your account!
I just replied in a post with a bounty of about 300 points and the page just disappeared. How is it possible? Is this some kind of conspiracy to rob me of the points I'm entitled to? The post is below.
Just letting you know that moderation was backed up for a few days and everything will be back to normal shortly.

Thank you for your patience!
I've got a dozen or so answers with multiple confirms that have been sitting around for several days now. How long does it take for them to get marked as "correct"? How many confirms does it take to make an answer "correct?"

I've never had to wait this long for answers, but in the last five days, none of the answers I've posted have been awarded ANY points despite getting multiple confirms. Can you please investigate and see what is preventing me from getting the points I am entitled to?

For example, every answer in this "request confirm" has multiple confirms and is several days old, but none have been deemed correct.
A thread to request confirms
2 years ago

Thank you, and I appreciate your work running the site.

EDIT: What a difference seven hours makes. All of my confirmed answers have been marked as correct. Thank you!
@JohnGabriel In the example post, the first was correct enough and the later one was not needed at all. I would say the later one was trying to hijack the points..if you want to claim your points, you can flag and put the reason i guess. When the first post was properly formatted, second one wasn't needed at all
@Operator From my post 3 days ago: (man, there has to be a better way to direct-reply in this thread, isn't there??) It deffo wasn't spam (would it have lasted that long?? It was an older question) I don't have the orignal link, so can't trace it that way, but I know the two stars and I did a search for their names and didn't see that post, so it must not have been answered. It wasn't under bounty that I saw, I'll look again even more carefully, and yes, it was an older post, so the points came from the date - what makes a bounty as opposed to a post with extra points due to its posting date anyway?
So basically, I'm stuffed, is that it? (And the inquirer too) Unless I go looking through tens of thousands of post from the last... I don't even know... 6 months??? That kinda sucks, there has to be SOME way - how do the older posts on the right hand side get chosen to be featured?
@anon below: yeah, ke too, but this has been a problem (at least for me) for MANY DAYS -tried posting spankbang vid links as my question "starter" MANY times, no good! (And that is an approved host) Literally, the ONLY way I could post a question has been to get the jpeg vidcap of the vid (only really doable by a fewtube sites like spankbang, xvideos, vporn...) and then post the vid link within the comments section once the question has been posted. Operators, WTF is that all about?
Hi! I can't seem to post any question. Is the system broken? "Currently text based questions are not supported. Include some media." That's what it says and it doesn't work if I also put in a link.
@Operator - When there are multiple responses to a query and more than one answer has been tagged and formatted properly, what is the basis for selecting the correct answer? I believe it should follow the thumb rule of the one response which has maximum info regarding the video. Coz, the video links might become dead or the videos could be deleted if claimed by the copyright owner, making such posts obsolete. But, if the available info is more than just the name and video links, the responses can still be used to find the video.

An example for this case:
Where can I find this video?
1 year ago
Hello @Operator

Similar question to @JohnGabriel - several questions I have answered now have a lot of confirms but still haven't been marked as correct. Is there just a backlog, or is there anything we users can do to help speed up the process?

Where can I find the full video?
2 years ago
Thanks for answering @GiveRespect!
@Math In the instructions you can see how to tag, to tag u simply have to put the name inside those square brackets.
@Operator - Hey! Quite a few of my answers which have considerable 'confirm' votes are pending to be marked as correct. I see that fellow members have the privileges to verify and confirm responses to queries, but who gets to promote them? Is there a team of admins or how does it work?
ElvisWasMyDaddy confirms this as correct.
Pleeeeeaaaaseeeee! Anyone can tell me how can I tag a name?????
I didn't get the tip in my first comment, and if I got, I didn't see it. Now I'm losing points, and in the help menu I only find instructions to comment, but nothing about how to tag!
@Ktriel aka @Ferox your username has been changed. But I couldn't get the email trough. So hopefully you figure it out yourself.

@ElvisWasMyDaddy there currently is no search function, where you can search by points. It was planned, but seemed to be pointless and take too much memory.

If it had 180 points, then it must have had extra points from either date or bounty. If it had a bounty on, it should be under bounty questions. There is also a change, that it was a spam and was deleted or answered already.

But have you tried reverse searching the media content if its similar? Or if you have the embed video that was included in the post, you can submit it as a post.. if its identical, it will redirect you to the old post.
How can I find a request (to which I knew the answer) that I "lost" a few days ago (as I thought I'd saved to faves but apparently didn't)? All I know si that the points for it were somewhere around 180 - well, definitely over 100 but under 200. Obviously, I went through my browser history, and even looked through the last few pages of namethatporn questions (but this was actually a post created many days before I found it anyway! I actually found it in the "Other unsolved questions" section on the right side of the page layout) . So basically, I suppose what I'm asking is, how can I search by the size of the points? And if there is no such search facility, then WHY NOT??
what is the coding to bold text? or where is the link for proper formatting?
@Ktriel send us a email about this.
I've asked several times now, and I didn't get an answer (at least, I didn't see one, so I'm sorry if it was one)

Can I change my username? I want to do it.

I can't seem to select correct answers in my questions, it keeps loading and it takes forever, anybody else having that problem?.
@mentiraa go to and reload. The notification goes away.

Broken notifications come, because the post gets deleted. So if its spam, we still award the correct answer and your effort by accepting it, but killing the post itself.

For the spam issue, if you see posts with HD logo or .tk links in it, don't answer it, report it.
@Math When you click in Click here to coment/answer and before you type anything in the box there is a little explanation.

Also, you can check this
I'm losing points. Please anyone tell me how can I tag names!
Is it only for me, embedded videos are not scaling properly ??
The bot @JohnGabriel refers in the previous comment has some accounts. I saw these


and promote (spam) different urls for the same website, but does not point to a specific video.


This user/bot had an account (banned) before:
A majority of recent questions posted by anonymous users goes like this:
"Where can I find this video?

What's the story? Is the same user asking all these questions? Doesn't seem to make sense. Seems like some kinda automated bot.
hey boss im having problems with this thread

' http ://namethatporn. com/post/238783- .html#213835 ' (i had to put some spaces in the link)

im receiving the notification that say my confirm was accepted but i cant enter on the post and the notification still there for me

how can we fix this?
@JohnGabriel It happens if the page was deleted, may be u replied answers to the spammers questions, and they were deleted
Some of the queries I answered to are no longer available and the link says "404 Page not found." What happened to those pages?
Hello, I get Post session error, please try again! and cant post. What should I do?

Yes, we implemented a button, that does that. As moderators used to manually edit comments to add tags, verify the answer and then accept. And missing tags, should really be the users problem not the moderators. This should lighten the load and give the name-tagging users an edge :)

However, when it comes to policies, I cannot comment further, on when and how it will be used. And if someone else takes the answer and tags it, will they get the accept. Never the less, there is notification when comment is missing tags, so the person has fair chance to fix it.
@sgnl07 - seems to be the case. Great idea, it always bothered me when people didn't use the name tags.
is there a new policy on answer being marked as correct.

for e.g. i came across this post:

What's the name of this porn actor?
1 year ago

which said the post by user standaman couldn't be marked as correct due to missing name tags.

if so, then this is a step in the right direction imo.
I found the Spamming annoying, I posted this here so they would see what he was doing and if they could solve the issue.

Thank you for your help.

We are dealing with him. This has been going on for months. He's desperate and running out of ideas. Sometimes he gets lucky and his spam will be up for a couple of hours, but most times he doesn't.

It was clickable because he masked his link with a double redirect short url. Which is not possible anymore.

Also, flagging the comment(s) will help us track down the spam quicker.
Just to be clear, what part of that are you saying is annoying, MY reply, which was there as a public service, to warn off other (new) users from clicking on the link, which would have given the spammers their clicks and their profit, thus making it MORE LIKELY they will keep going? Or the spammers' posts themselves? DOZENS of those shitty links (they were ALL the same link, and 90% from the same handle) were up for well over 2 hours, and more like over 4. How is it possible it took so long for them to get eradicated? That's what I'd like to know.
The fact that it was a "banned" host makes no odds, as it was still a clickable link, and I should imagine that many lurkers or newbies had no idea it was a banned link and could be a spam trap (until, perhaps, they saw more of the same link from the same spammer handles on various different pic "requests").
Perhaps if the site operators want to avoid giving spammers revenue, they should make banned links non-clickable, I guess.
Message from ElvisWasMyDaddy (responding to a spammer.)

Spammer:" i found the video here banned url "

Elvis: No, you didn't, fucking spammer! (xxbragzx)

"WTF, this is a concerted team effort, one troll posts a bait pic, then the other scumbag troll spammer (probably same person, but signed in) immediately posts their spam link. The SAME TWO handles have done this same stunt over the last few DOZEN posts, fucking assholes."

"Mods, delete and ban, otherwise I will start to think that someone working for namethatporn is actually behind this latest scummy bait & switch cunty stunt."

Auto.msg.: ntp.so/ - dead link
This is happening on multiple posts and is getting quite annoying, please see if you could do something about it.
i have a link to a video of dp here is the gif

and btw idk how to make a thread
you need to post a link of the video on one of the supported video sites (in the FAQ) or a direct link to an image.
hello i've been having a lot of struggle with links like this how can i use it to ask a question about the girl in the video
@qweas go to your all notifications:

And reload there. It should go away and delete itself when its old enough.
when i click my drop down arrow for notifications i get messages saying "your post got new comment" but when i click the post it's a blank page. for example

Auto.msg.: ntp.so/ - dead link
is it just my computer or something else?
@qweas If I remember correctly, there was an issue with spangbang and we temp. removed it from embed support. Best thing you can currently do is find an alternative video or find a thumbnail for that video and put the link in the description.

@GiveRespect I will find a fix for that.

@sgnl07 I will research it. But yes, encoding issues might be their sided.
What do I do when I post something and it gives me an error message?

This is the video that I want to post:
@Operator basically what i am saying is, for a single post i can stay all day long marking it as correct and then remove the marking and then mark again as correct simply to gain the points..if it is not that hard, my suggestion would be for a specific question, one can gain a points only once whatever amount of answers he choose as correct..i am not so deep into coding and don't know how hard it is..just my opinion ..
@operator, regarding the xvideos link, recently i faced the issue on another website as well. so i think it maybe an issue on their end...
I don't know if the spammer is anon or not. I assume anon because the name wasn't clickable. Their username was literally "STREAMXXXFREE.COM". It appears they have already been deleted.
I have launched messaging starting platform for users with levels 10 or above. You can find messages in the dropdown top right corner. The users, you wish to contact must be in your friends-list first, fully accepted.

Its very much in development yet and there are no notifications, when you have a new message. But I sadly cannot develop without test usage. So you can use it to get help from me, for example :)
NB! If you have a generalised problem, then it is recommended to post it here for the future users.
This is just a suggestion, since some people has difficulties getting confirmations. Maybe you could give more points for good confirmation.
I will leave this decision up to @Don as all that is, is for a reason. We might not always explain our reasons, as it might have a security risk.. but we really try to think things trough from the user point. But we will talk it over for sure :)

I would like to see a system that changes the order of the post or prevent someone to "steal" your answer.

For example, i've posted an answer and someone posted the same answer later and he get all the "confirm" and the "correct answer" because his post is higher in the page.

It's really frustrating, when it's an "hard question" and you spend some time to find the answer.

Basically, in moderation system we don't see any orders, but the quality of the answer and etc. The automatic system follows similar rules too. If you however feel, that some answers went to wrong person, flag the post or answer and let us know. If we see some injustice, we always fix it.

Another spammer: @STREAMXXXFREE.COM
You have to be more spesific, is he registered or anonymous. Basically, I would like to think, we are catching most of them. But this #### keeps doing this, for no reason. But thanks for reporting, we will look of course into it. :)

I found flaw in point gaining system, basically when you confirm any answer as correct, user is awarded one point just for marking it as correct. So, if i choose any of the answer as correct, i will be given one point and if i choose another one as correct in the same question and again i am awarded another point, and i can go back and choose first answer as correct to gain again another point. So basically if someone wants to increase their point, they can stay all day long and repeat this things ..although gaining point is not the goal of the site, but just wanted to let you know
Interesting flaw. But good, that you found it. However quick question, in theory correcting should be similar to accepting and the confirm button should go away. Then again, the system was designed to accept multiple confirms. Confirms currently run on automatic mode + help moderators to find good quality answers faster. So if the post has multiple good answers, they all deserve confirms. However confirming is limited with privileges aka. the levels.

I have something of course planned for the future.

When I answer to posts to give the videos link, it doesn't post correctly. I have down the part of the pornstars name and scene name, but for some reason the video url does not post correctly. I tried posting a reply with the video from cliphunter earlier, but it didn't work correctly.
What video did you try to post? If it turns up normal link, its simply not supported. If it doesn't go trough. Then its banned for spamming reasons.

I want to upload this pic but all I get is an eternal "Loading"
Looks like the image crashes the script. Which is unusal and I suspect, that its something to do with the image. So maybe you can find a better one.
Its not too long, it simply crashes. Might be, that the image has some weird encoding inside it.

Hey, I have a problem with my account, I get notifications to an empty/broken post.

Auto.msg.: ntp.so/ - dead link
How can I remove or fix this issue?? Pls help! Thanks.

The ntp.so dead link message means, that inside where ever the ntp.so short-url was used. That referral is dead now.

However, if you have empty posts in notifications, go to notifications page, where all messages are located and do a reload on that page. That will set all notifications as read.

just wondering if anyone else was having issues with embedded xvideos link.

whenever there's a question and i try to play the video from the embed, I get the following "Video will be available soon, launch diagnostics etc etc"; If i play the video on the xvideos site, it plays fine without any issues.

or is this just an issue on my end, any idea how to fix it.

there might be issue, with the xvideos copied link. Can you provide an example. Maybe email me your example link. If its our end, we can fix it.
@Operator This is just a suggestion, since some people has difficulties getting confirmations. Maybe you could give more points for good confirmation.
@Operator I would like to see a system that changes the order of the post or prevent someone to "steal" your answer.

For example, i've posted an answer and someone posted the same answer later and he get all the "confirm" and the "correct answer" because his post is higher in the page.

It's really frustrating, when it's an "hard question" and you spend some time to find the answer.
Another spammer: @STREAMXXXFREE.COM
@GiveRespect , users below level 5 cannot mark answers correct
@Operator I found flaw in point gaining system, basically when you confirm any answer as correct, user is awarded one point just for marking it as correct. So, if i choose any of the answer as correct, i will be given one point and if i choose another one as correct in the same question and again i am awarded another point, and i can go back and choose first answer as correct to gain again another point. So basically if someone wants to increase their point, they can stay all day long and repeat this things ..although gaining point is not the goal of the site, but just wanted to let you know
@YounggLatino sometimes video are not embedded for some reasons, so you can simply put up the link, just remember to tag the name of actors, that will do fine
When I answer to posts to give the videos link, it doesn't post correctly. I have down the part of the pornstars name and scene name, but for some reason the video url does not post correctly. I tried posting a reply with the video from cliphunter earlier, but it didn't work correctly.
@YounggLatino //y2.pichunter.com/3286077_4_o.jpg
right click the image copy its image address, it looks like above and then paste it
I am having trouble posting pictures or videos, am I doing it wrong? I have read the quick tips with examples of the url but maybe I am just not understanding the process. For example, I would like to post if anyone knows the scene name from this jynx maze pictures:

@Ktriel it's because the gif is very long, it's a big file which means it takes time to upload.
I want to upload this pic but all I get is an eternal "Loading"
another spammer @anon_01sEGhIqWX.o6
I get notifications to an empty post as well.

I also support allowing only registered members to post. To me, this is in favor of transparency.
Hey, I have a problem with my account, I get notifications to an empty/broken post.

Auto.msg.: ntp.so/ - dead link
How can I remove or fix this issue?? Pls help! Thanks.
@sgnl07 me too, i get same error
just wondering if anyone else was having issues with embedded xvideos link.

whenever there's a question and i try to play the video from the embed, I get the following "Video will be available soon, launch diagnostics etc etc"; If i play the video on the xvideos site, it plays fine without any issues.

or is this just an issue on my end, any idea how to fix it.