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Where can I find this video?

Where can I find this video?

Graduation Day

- video -
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Revisting this page four months later, and I ran a new image search.

The photo is featured on:

Implying there is a video, but not so fast. The GF sites are notorious for stealing photos of women on the Internet and unethically using them for their porno advertisements. It is a wholly unethical practice, sometimes using social media pictures of underaged girls, as this one most likely is:

Name of cum swap/cumshot video?
3 years ago

A more legitimate result was this one:

Notice they have made no bones about the "leaked photo" nature of the above shot.

That makes me feel even more strongly that some of these fun-loving graduates planned the pose as a celebration, making sure to cover their faces. (Wisely.) The logical answer to this question at this point is that there is no video; it's a "leaked" photo.
What a fantastic shot!
It's possible this was not from a video; I get the feeling these were real graduates who decided to do something crazy, to celebrate the great occasion. The fact that they are covering their faces supports the idea. Not that it's related, but an image search came up dry for me, in addition.
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