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What's the name of this model?

what's the name of this model at 0:33~0:39
If this is the girl you mean then this is her: Epiic

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Well I identified the one with octopus tattoo and then google imaged 'suicide girl party + luscious' (the octo girl) which led to a blog with some photos and the names of the models featured, which rather narrowed down the list of candidates. Then a brief bit of trial and error and abracadabra - Epiic.

It was the least I could do considering how helpful others on here have been.
No fucking way, how the fuck did you find her? We had a team, browsing the full SG catalog and didnt find her! Pravo my friend! +1
If this is the girl you mean then this is her: Epiic

Well this is almost fucking impossible.

Girl is from but who, who knows?
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