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Who dares?!

SO. who here would like to share some info about them self with the others?

like maybe your age, where ur from, language(s), male/female, maybe what it is u do irl, how/why you got/stayed here etc..

It's ofc all up to you what you would like to tell and what not.
Can YOU Name That Porn?
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Well... I'm not as cool as a porn expert hamster can be, that's for sure.
I'm 21, I'm from Spain, I study architecture, I, I...
I got stuck here... because I love porn?
Though I'm really interested to know about @Know-way , that guy is cool!
I speak regular hamster language. I live in a cage. I'm not sure what gender I am, as I cannot bend so good to check what is going down there. So either i'm Straight or Lesbian. Because those jigggly titties are making me run really fast on my hamster wheel. And I'm stuck here.. My cage is located inside the NTP server and I cannot get out. HELP ME. Oh and IRL I am a hamster, don't know if I mentioned that already.
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