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Name pls

Name pls

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Yes. I thought that since you said that 1 year ago and it is still marked correct, that no one believed you, so I added proof.

And also, I was not rude, so there was a chance that someone might listen.

You know the old saying, "You can catch more flies with honey than being an asshole."
As I already said she is not Katee Owen. Are you blind ?
Katee Owen does not have a tattoo on her neck.

We need some proof that links this photo to Katee somehow.

Below is my proof that this can't be her:

Here is an un-photoshopped version of the photo:

I am seeing various sized photoshopped ass upgrades on this photo as early as September 2012.

Looks like it could be an amateur photo.

name of model
3 years ago
Stop saying shits that's not Katee Owen lol and she doesnt have any tattoo on the neck
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