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Where can I find this video?

Where can I find this video?

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Their names are Joe and Kristy, and the picture is from a website that doesn't exist anymore the website is BudsNBabes.com

If you search their website on Wayback machine, you will find out that the website doesn't exist anymore. But if you go back to the year 2003, you can still visit the website and see that the pictures are part of a calender. This picture is part of the month November.
Near as I can tell the photograph is not part of a video.

I was able to find this photograph, plus two other photographs labeled 'Buds n Babes' on a Flickr profile for andystankovich.

All photographs on his profile (6 in total) were uploaded September 13th 2007. The 3 Buds n Babes photos have a copyright (all rights reserved) and are said to be taken on September 11th 2002.

There may be more photos to Buds n Babes, out of the three photos they are numbered 001, 010, 014. I'm leaving this as is, however. I can find no further information on andystankovich, no further corresponding photos, and in truth am not 100% they even originate from him.

Good luck with any further searching.

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