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WarPig Has Left The Building

WarPig Has Left The Building

Hello everyone. WarPig here. Just want you all to know that i will be gone for awhile. Mrs. WarPig and I are expecting a piggy Jr. this week. I would like to thank everyone here at Name that Porn. A special thanks to my wife for all the help. ( she worked at an Adult Video Store. That's where we meet.) This is a great site and I encourage everyone that visits to register. I hope to be back soon...on a side note I reached Level 11 in under a month not to bad.
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We are sorry, but everybody hates spammers..
Man, when you coming back?
Best of luck to the warpig family! Hope to see you back soon :)
Those indebted to your wondrous expertise and kind generosity will no doubt miss the battle cries mixed in with the lovely sounds of sloshing mud and grimy gruel. Thanks for sharing the romantic background, how sweetly fitting to your fine knowledge of smut.
Hehey man. Congrats from our full staff. All the best to your wife and hope to see you soon :)
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