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Where can I find this video?

Where can I find this video?

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I want to explain what a professional Dr_PreX is; I was working on this at the same time. The image did not come up in any of the image search engines. So I went through the "BTIS" episodes at ... yes, I clicked through all nine pages, hoping their identifying thumbs would lead me to a football-related theme featuring multiple women. Then I went to the Brazzers site, and put in the "football" keyword () ... no luck there. I began to suspect this one was a recent release, not easily reflected yet in the usual sources (even after finding out what it was, I had trouble picking it out from the Brazzers site... here it is: ). Then I refreshed this page, and there was the answer... "edited 25 minutes ago."

This is why the good doctor is the all-time champ here at Name That Porn.
Legancy, Know-way and sinister confirms this as correct.
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