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full video? pleaseeee

Her name is Danica Dillon in Gangland 78
Here is the torrent link...im downloading it now. It's a valid link.
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@Know-way BTW I can't seem to find any FAQ/Help on this but how come I can't see response videos? I can see the original posting video but not replies. Is it supposed to be that way?
Edit...i think I found the answer in the first paragraph of the support/help.
No apology necessary, Socatknip; you deserve heartfelt thanks for the knowledgeable and selfless answer you have taken your precious time to provide.
Sorry about the torrent. Didn't know it was last resort. Will work on that. ;-)
Good job, Socatknip!

I happened to answer this one about half an hour ago (after conducting all of that research, yew know), and then when I hit the Submit button, my comment was lost. I then took a moment to update this problem of lost submissions on the "Any Questions?" thread, but when I opened the "Show Threads" page to locate the "Any Questions?" thread, I noticed there were a whole bunch of misplaced questions disguised as threads. I thought I'd do my duty and point them out. I then ran into a question there that I took the time to answer; so here I am finally back, to rewrite my lost post, and looks like I don't need to anymore.

Well, with a caveat. We don't point to torrents here except for "impossible" cases, 'cause not everyone can do torrents... so I'll put up the results of what I had come up with.

You already know the name of the lady, as pointed out below (her name is spelled as Danica Dillan); she appears in Scene 1 of the title that you may see below, as the lady gets much manhandled by D. Snoop, Mark Anthony and Rico Strong.


Far as the everyman's way of getting the video:

I see there were a bunch of Userporn links for this scene that are now all gone. Userporn offers the best and friendliest and most headache-free way to download movies.
Her name is Danica Dillon in Gangland 78
Here is the torrent link...im downloading it now. It's a valid link.
Know-way confirms this as correct.
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