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pornstar's name or scene

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Can't see her face clearly to know for sure (naturally, another way of knowing for sure would be to identify the scene), but given the "Barbed wire band around left bicep," as we are informed from the IAFD link below, she just might be Claudia Ferrari

She also has a breast tattoo, but Claudia was a little rude to turn for us in the above GIF ... which may have helped clinch her identity. I guess she may be excused, given that she looks a little busy.

You know what? Scratch that thought. I just realized the lady above has the band tattoo around her right arm -- so unless the GIF is a mirror image, which is unlikely, Claudia is out of the running. Back to the drawing board.

Here is Claudia's output anyway, in case the above wild goos chase made anyone fascinated about Claudia:

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