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Where can I find this video?

Where can I find this video?

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Can YOU Name That Porn?
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Luckily, we can tell who the personage is from the photo's watermark above, as Greatarchitect was kind enough to let us know below: Her name is Claudia Marie

Several indications point to her referring to herself as a "prostitute," which is unusual for a "porn star".

On the other hand, this thread below which highlights her real "porn" work tells us her ambitions were otherwise:

"Claudia Marie was born in Morganton, North Carolina. She grew up wanting to be a singer and eventually became the lead singer for a band called Trailer Park Trash. Claudia's outgoing and bubbly personality makes her a natural on stage and in January 2007 she turned all her talents to her porn debut on My Friends Hot Mom. She caused an instant sensation with her massive real tits and amazing tit fucking style."

A "fringe benefit" of being a member of her site, as we are told, is that you can win the lottery, and have the lady for "free."

This is what we are told has happened to the man we see above, named "Jeff."

The video in question is called:

Claudia-Marie Fucking A Member Of Her Website

(or as the promo page below words it, "Fucks" instead of "Fucking"):

Some other promo pages of Claudia-Marie and Jeff:

(By the way, another set of photos featuring a lucky member:

This is the only video I found with the wording, but it has now gone to porno heaven. (Or hell.)

If the information in the following link is correct, we learn that Claudia-Maria began her foray into smut in 2007, and stopped in 2011:

But we can't believe everything we read on the Internet; the more reliable page below tells us she kept going until 2016:

The video in question was put up back in 2010, according to this site page that highlights our heroine paired with her members:

(Jeff was numbered "Site Member 6." How dehumanizing. Jeff is not a number, he is a man.)

The site has actually sometimes designated their lucky members into their ethnicities; we learn Jeff happens to be a Mexican:

(Jeff would no longer be welcome into the United States, these days. But at least he had this moment of happiness, below, to tide him over for not being a good person:)

Here are my conclusions; I've looked far and wide for the video with Jeff, and I don't think it's around. (For free.)

On the other hand, the consolation prize is that there are plenty of videos with Claudia-Marie, several including match-ups with her lucky fans:

Such as this one:

So... @Terra ... unless the element of the photo that attracted you was Jeff, I would say, who cares about Jeff? You've got a lot featuring the lady, to tide you over.

(Poor Jeff.)

Her name is Claudia Marie.
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