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Name of this movie please?

Does anyone know the full name of this movie?
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Now that the video has been deleted, will there EVER be a way to get the solution?

Yes, there may! I have blown up the thumb leading to this page...

The source offers a couple of clues. The title was "Girls In Prison Go Lesbian Style2" and the company requesting its removal was "Vivid."

The IMBd has a handy list of not-complete VIVID movies:

I searched for the word "prison" and the best candidate was:

1997's "Bad Girls 8: Prisoners Of Love"

Judging by its photos, I don't think it's this one:

(But... who knows? All we have to go on is the fuzzy photo above. One thing: that photo looks like it belongs to an older production. In other words, the 1990s seem acceptable.)

Seems "Bad Girls" is their series for prison movies... here are some contenders, with photos:

Bad Girls 3: Cell Block 69

Bad Girls: Strip Search (1994)

Bad Girls: Lockdown (1994)

Bad Girls 4: Jayebird (1995)

Bad Girls 5: Maximum Babes (1995)

Bad Girls 6: Ridin' Into Town (1995)


Bad Girls 10: In the Cage

Dashed (2002)

This came close:
Hard Time (2007)

There is another title at Pornhub which is apparently "Part 1" of "Girls In Prison Go Lesbian Style," and very likely from the same movie. It has not yet been taken down:

This turned out to be our video, actually!

Some photos:

There's the blond guard, above... from our main picture, at top.

Image searches led nowhere; the top one was associated with the word "temptation," as a mild clue. We also got several character names in the clip such as "Elizabeth," but pornos rarely provide character names. So that does not help, either.

To expand, there's a movie name on PH, but it's taken from a full movie I would guess. Does anyone know the FULL movie name, not the clip. Sorry.
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