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A huge nostalgie for me

A huge nostalgie for me

Hi i,m looking for a classic old porn movie (at least 10 years ago) and its the first porn that i saw and its very nostalgic for me . one of mentionable scenes that i can remember was a open cart (something like the drawn picture) and a couple traveling behind it and the girl started sucking mans dick while the cart was going across a village or something . And the they reached a hut and met two black lesbians in it.. . The ending scene was a huge sex party and there was a special scene too . they was playing a game in the middle of party (it was outdoor i think) the game was that they should take off the girls special dress with some kind of spears while the girl was rushing to them like a cow. the dress was made of too many pieces . at the end she was naked and all cloth pieces was taken by others ... thats all i remember . (notice that this movie has a full story line and its not a cutscene porn video or somethin !
sorry for my English :)
please help
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