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Help Me Find an Old Movies Series?!?!?!

Help Me Find an Old Movies Series?!?!?!

There was a series of movies years ago. Done in an interview style with an older guy, wild crazy curley hair. Black hair if I recall correctly. (Not the Ed Powers Dirty Debs series). His name was like "joe" or something. Anyway, he would interview mostly younger girls about sex and stuff, then get them naked. He didnt always fuck them, he would have them masturbate, or rub oil on themselves etc. He would then play with himself while watching them if they wouldn't let him have sex with them. It was not high quality production or anything. You got the feeling he was just giving them a couple hundred bucks which they would then use for tuition or books or something. Can anyone help me remember the name of this series of movies?! It's driving me insane!
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