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Where can I find this video?

We are sorry to inform you, that you lack the privileges to comment in solved posts.
Just keep being active in this community, and you will automatically get this privilege.

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Why are you so upset?
You made an answer and I also did.
This use to happend a lot.

The difference betwen your answer and mine is the link. An important difference. He is asking WHERE and I'm giving him 4 places to see the video.
It is so important for you to get credit from this?
If you say that you are trying to help I don't understand the problem. We both did. We both helped. And yes, you were faster. Good for you.
Fine Behaviour, that Registered Users simple repeat other peoples answers
after seven minutes only to add a simple hotlink to videeo,
which is simple to find self with given keywords. :-(
Unfortunaly I must recognize, that " foreign " posters are not welcome.

Where is the difference, except the hotlinked video ???
She is Stoya in Jack Attack 4 for Digital Playground.

Stoya - Jack Attack 4 / Scene 5

I think it will be the best to take distance for posting & help at this site,
before Registered Users only abuse Newbies knowledge
to adorn itself with false laurels.
klee29p confirms this as correct.
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