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What's the name of this pornstar?

who's the female??
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She is appealing, and I got curious myself. The odds of discovering her as a working actress are slim, because this series uses a lot of local women from Arizona who never go on to do anything else. However, there have been exceptions.

To see whether there are any leads, we first need to come up with the character name she goes by. Usually, Rick, the "hero," addresses his "victims" by name when they walk in (or on the phone just prior -- that part had been cut out in this promotional video), but no luck here.

Fortunately, the Backroom Casting Couch web site is a friendly one to perform research, as almost all of the performers have been listed, beginning with:

I went through the list (you could have done this groundwork as well, Anon_4839aY8KgPv2g, to cut down on the research time of your potential helper), but -- unless I missed her -- she's not there.

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