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  • 25.05.15
    Friendship system created. You can add friends by going to someones profile. Friend-list related functions will come also shortly, but friendship away until that point.
    Also notification system has been upgraded. Added feature, that shows green OP label next to the comment of original poster. There is also a new Tumblweed section with the older unanswered question with lots of points.
  • 07.03.15
    We have worked out the bugs of the notification system and have released it. Users can mention each other aka. reply to previous comments by using @ in front of a username. Also, if you comment something, you will auto follow the post, that will also happen, when you have created that post. So you would get notifications about it laters.
  • 25.02.15
    Created a custom algorithm for image fingerprinting from scratch and implemented into our regular search. We are also now tracking searches, basically only the terms. And merging them for future purpose of displaying most searched terms, for faster usability on this site.
  • 27.01.15
    Moderation is done more faster from now on, thanks to confirmation system and better moderation panels. Also, we have expanded our team a little.
  • 14.12.14
    We made a nice dropdown for the loggedin user. Also made the UX aka. user profile more fun. You can change your settings and avatars. Also added favoriting and following systems. So you can bookmark or keep track of posts, that are interesting to you.
  • 21.11.14
    Mobile version of the site got discontinued as it needs a major overhaul. We will rewrite the mobile version, when the sites main parts are done.
    Also, we registered users can now see, on what comments / posts they got up or down votes.
  • 20.11.14
    We launched new search function. It is alot more simple, then we originally designed, but should make finding things on the site faster.
  • 13.11.14
    New pornstar directory created. It lists all confirmed pornstars and their posts. Check if out at Pornstars.
  • 12.11.14
    Site was inaccessible for last 9 or so hours. We are sorry for that. There was some unexpected delays in the installation of the new software. We are currently gonna run smoothly at least 24h, then we might boot the server again, as we are not fully done yet. Stay tuned..
  • 11.11.14
    Our server got upgraded with more RAM and more modern cache handlers -- thumbnails should load slightly faster now. We also re-coded the user-action modules, that handle editing, deleting and voting. Line-breaks and paragraphs got new styling and we fixed some of the duplicate-detections and also broken image problems.
  • 04.10.14
    We added more tabs into user profiles, that allows you to view the users activity history. Editing user profiles will be implemented soon.
  • 02.10.14
    So after crashing alot lately, we have upgrade once more our servers. Sadly the DNS update took longer the expected, but we are nicely up and running since then. Now running on 12x2.1Ghz 24GB RAM server, with SSD's for DB's. We also made the site a little faster, so have fun and if you got any problems, let us know.
  • 26.09.14
    Again we somehow seemed to crash the server. This is the third time and counting. We upgraded a little, but bigger upgrade is coming probably around the end of the year. This upgrade will be big enough to probably drop us out from Google again, but.. well we would be extremely powerful then(6).
    There has been some minor updates, like we released some beta version of the profile pages. The real profile page will feature avatar and tab systems, but the lack of time has left it in the testing mode until further developments. Also we wrote our own ad displaying methods, so if there is any problems with ads, specially popunders, please let us know.
  • 30.08.14
    We have switched over to a much hi-tech data buffering method now. SSL Secure browsing mode should be now much better and you should reach to your content faster. We also checked, which of the media sites actually support SSL and which not. But we did fallback modes to them, so all in all, you can use the site in SSL now.
    Also we were testing around stylesheet loading mechanism's.. to make site faster. While it was faster, it was miss-firing our core initialisation. So we reverted it back to our old style display system.
    Also we would like to proudly present PornHub has full support on our site now. Thumbnails and durations. They DNS block everybody, but not us.
  • 28.08.14
    Image optimization system upgrade has been finished completely. Site should load faster now and cache control better. If you do see a page, with old cached files press CTRL + F5 for reloading all cached files on that page. Or better yet, clear your browser cache history.
  • 27.08.14
    We had a small glitch with most of the pages saying 404. Sorry about that. We edited the core structure a little bit. We also cleaned up alot of the old database with dead media files, that werent hooked to any posts. If you see some posts, where the media is not working or is dead, let us know. Also we are working on some better image manipulation systems. As of this point, newly added content is going trough the new system. Should save time for everyone. We will convert the old images near days, then the site will go faster.
  • 17.08.14
    Our servers crashed today. We had total of over 12 hours of downtime. We are extremely sorry for that, but it wasnt entirely our fault. The server just quit and was overloaded. We are in a stronger server now and keeping eyes on it, if we need to upgrade, we will. Hopefully this doesnt happen again. But dont worry, if we are ever down, we will 110% come back. This site will never stop fully working, ever! Promise!
  • 16.08.14
    We optimised our code a little, so the site should be performing faster. Also, we fixed some bugs in the submitter, so the error, when images were blank.. should be taken care of. Thread topics can get pumped now and will be displayed after update date not date, like other questions.
  • 10.08.14
    We have kind of finished the UX system. It tracks your userpoints now anyways, so keep answering. We have also added extra points for hard questions. User profiles are still in the development faze.
  • 06.08.14
    We tested Read-only mode today. Sorry for that. Just getting ready to release our first minor release with the user related functions. We might be having some more tests or technical errors related to that upgrade. If you spot some major issue that doesn't get fixed, please let us know.
    If the site is ever in Read-only mode, don't panic. Site cannot be in read-only mode more then 20min.
  • 04.08.14
    While developing the UX, which is gonna be a big upgrade in this system. We have taken the decision to not let search engines crawlers on profile pages. While of course it is not recommended, to have private information there, it should still protect our users privacy even more.
  • 02.08.14
    Comment voting is activated now. Upvote your favorite answers :)
  • 31.07.14
    Small glitch with the commenting has been fixed. We added social sharing buttons as a test for now. If you guys really share these posts, then we will keep them. Also all feedback would be welcome on those buttons, we dont have accounts in all of the social sites :(
    If you are loggedin, then the tricky ads in the "Other unsolved questions" will be gone. UI and points system is on its way, but we have to clear the way yet.. so hold on, when it comes, it will be illest UI ever made!
    You can edit your post titles and descriptions from now on (Y). You can also delete your own posts completely with comments, in the first 3 days. After that, you have to contact us manually.
  • 30.07.14
    So we have added microdatas all around the site, so hopefully we can be more useful for users, who are searching for answers. Also with microdatas we added breadcrumb navigation as a static element to the right side. We hope, its easier to navigate around in this world of porn :)
    We also finished off the posts rating system. You can upvote, downvote and flagvote posts now.
    Also, of posters, you can edit your comments now or delete them. We would like to make more functions available right away, but sadly we must test them out before. So new stuff is coming, just hold on tight.
    Also some new content hosts supported now. We also included the solved ratio into statistics, showing the % of solved answers in our system.
    We made new links into the menu called Featured and Threads. We felt, that some posts should deserve more hype and discussions cannot be answered, so they are moved away from the other Q&A type posts.
  • 26.07.14
    Latest updates go like this. Our new ISP, first had their disk full, so somebody might have not be able to post anything in that period, its fixed (FYI we have unlimited disk space, keep posting). And also, our new ISP had our DNS email routing problem. So we didn't get any emails in meantime. If you tried to contact us, after the server change, then please send your email again. We love e-mails and we respond to each one of them :)
    And if you didn't know this before, you will now. After moving our server to US. Google STOPPED showing us in the index completely. We tried to contact them, they sent us to Webmaster Central.. which about as useful as a fucking wet potato. Now are kinda getting better in the index again.
    So basically, we are making some changes, to be more faster for crawlers to read. This is important thing, if we want to keep this project in the long run. So if (like always) some shit breaks here, let us know about those bugs.
  • 22.07.14
    We added some new hosts, that can be embed on our site: porntube.com, firedrive.com, playvid.com, vporn.com, freemovies.com, drtuber.com, fux.com, spankbang.com. Always remove the iframe or whatever HTML tags and use the URL itself. The safest bet, is to use the embed URL (example: http://www.drtuber.com/embed/123456).. That you can get from the embed code.
    Also, we have clearned out alot of SEO related issues, so hopefully we will have this community flowing with cool questions and good answers :)
  • 18.07.14
    We upgraded our servers and moved their psyhical locations to the States. We are located in somewhere mystical...lets say Chicago.
    Sadly, Google dropped our nice positions in the indexes. But hopefully we will be right back.
    Enjoy the new faster server. Also, know this, you can use our site with HTTPS now. Its very limited, as content providers are not secure to use their embeds. So paranoid tenfold users can use HTTPS without seeing some videos from very low-security sites.. We will be advancing this safe-mode in near future.
  • 10.07.14
    Our ISP's ISP had a routing problem, so the site was down for 30min. We are sorry about that. If it happens again, we will upgrade our servers.
  • 02.06.14
    Posting embed content is supported from alot of sites. Here is the current list: youtube.com, vimeo.com, dailymotion.com, xHamster.com, redtube.com, youporn.com, liveleak.com, pornhub.com, heaven666.org, XVIDEOS.COM, HEAVY-R.COM, tube8.com, hardsextube.com, privatehomeclips.com, tubecup.com, spankwire.com, slutload.com, porn.com. These sites, you can simply post the video url or the embed url, without html tags to the media submitter. Some sites are fully supported with thumbnails and durations, but some are less supported. If the site is not supported, then make a normal question and add it as a link.
  • 29.05.14
    Open BETA of the new version released to public :)